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Where Legends Are Born

Stories of love and faith are built in the cheap seats, where passion, blood and tears meet. Where legends are born. Grab a seat and become part of the family.

We’re thrilled to launch this blog, as a new place to share our passion for the beautiful game and the brilliant Football Manager series.

This blog is dedicated to the stories we love to read, enthusiastically discussing some aspect of real-life football — the more niche, the better.

It is also dedicated to the stories we tell ourselves about our FM saves. The rivalries we build with opposing clubs and managers. The love we have found for an obscure club in Scandinavia. The joy we felt when a regen we nurtured won his first cap…and the pain when he left us for the riches of PSG, the ungrateful, slapnut ****.

Welcome. Make yourself at home. We hope that you enjoy reading our posts as much as we enjoy writing them.


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