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Toffee Nose, Bluenose, Fuck Knows 2: 2020 Youth Intake

Marcus leaned back in his chair, surveying the desk and immediate area. The office at Finch Farm was functional, but he had insisted on a lumbar support chair to help him relax.

In front of him on the desk were dossiers of the latest players to come through the academy and be eligible for the annual Academy vs U-18’s match. He picked up the top one, opened the folder

“That’s Denis Cronin, our best prospect out of this intake” The words came from the other corner of the office, where his youth development manager, Gareth Prosser, sat drinking a cup of tea.
What makes him so good, Marcus asked. “Well, he’s a defensive midfielder, able to play centre back too. His main attraction is that if he develops as we hope he does, he’ll allow Beni Baningime to move up into the Mezzala role, meaning we can look at getting Fabian Delph’s contract off the books”. Great idea, thought Marcus.

Marcus steepled his fingers in thought. Have we got anyone else of that talent level coming through, he asked? “Not at Cronin’s level, but Mikey Eales is an attacking midfielder slash winger and could conceivably replaced Theo Walcott’s contract in a few years! We also have Aeon Cunningham coming through as a striker. If he develops, he might take some of the weight off Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s shoulders” Marcus nodded. It may have not been the ideal intake, but it meant that there was talent coming through. Marcus tossed the dossier onto the desk. Sign them all, he said. And with that parting shot, he stood up and walked out the room, on his way to the scouting department.

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