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Toffee Nose, Bluenose, Fuck Knows – We’re on the Road to Nowhere II…

21st June 2022

“Buongiorno Marco! Come in” Paolo indicated him towards a chair. Marcus sat, wondering what was the cause of this meeting.
“I’ll make it brief. I hear that Zlatan Ibrahimovic gave you around €250,000 for a new apartment? Is this true? Because this money has been illegally stolen from the AC Milan Youth Fund. What is going on??”
Shit, Marcus thought. He then proceeded to explain that it was very simple, it was an accounting error, the money was just resting in his account. It’ll be paid back in full on Monday, when the banks open
“Make sure it is, Marco. Otherwise we would need to press charges”

21st June 2022 – 2300

-ring ring-
Pick up, thought Marcus
-ring ring-
-ring ring-

For Christ’s sake, pick up, demanded Marcus.

“The Great Zlatan speaks” Marcus stated it was him. “I’m hanging up”
Marcus yelled down the phone about how he’d spent half that money and he’d thought it was a gift, as was intimated in their meeting a month ago! Zlatan snorted down the phone. “You stupid oaf. The Zlatan said nothing of the sort!” Marcus faltered. Did he say it? Or was he drunk? “It would be stupid to deny you of my genius. Once I have finished with these naked high kicks, I will call.”

Marcus looked around the apartment. He needed to disappear. He had to trust the Zlatan. He started packing.

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