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Toffee Nose, Bluenose, Fuck Knows – Settlers of Catalan I

Movistar LaLiga was blaring his appointment on the TV all day. A Europa League and Serie A winner stepping down to Segunda Division B3. The pundits were in uproar.

Marcus sat in his newly painted office in the training ground. It was a lot smaller than he was used to and a lick of paint wasn’t going to change that fact. His despaired musing was interrupted by a knock at the door. Marcus bade the person enter and was stunned to see Johnny Metgod walking through the door. Johnny?? Marcus inquired. “Yes, boss. I got into a bit of trouble in a Qatari gambling palace and it was only the intervention of Joan & Zlatan saved me. They said I had to work my debt off in their new project. So here I am as your assistant again..” Marcus nodded, smiled and shook his hand, saying that at least they were in it together

“Yep! I’ve had some emails from Joan, who is going by the name of Jose Redondo now. He sent me some information about the club and his expectations for the next 5 years. It’s a ground-up project, so we’re pretty safe, as long as we don’t screw it up!” Marcus agreed and asked about the youth players, as that was to be their main sources of new players. “Well, we’re a lower club, but we’ve got two excellent prospects. Right winger Jaime Diaz and full back Xavier are our standouts, but if Joan, sorry Jose, is going to put the level of investment into the club that he claims, we should have quite the conveyor belt”

Marcus then inquired about transfer targets. “Well, we’ve combed the release lists of Barcelona and come up with two names. First up is Brazilian midfielder Lucas. He’s been with their academy since 2017 and released this season just gone. He’ll be immediatedly our best player, but will expect to be treated as much. We need to work out if the money we spend on him will be worth it down the road…” Marcus nodded and asked about the second. “That is also a midfielder, Ferran Sarsanedas. “He’d been with the club since 2012/13 and was released two seasons ago. He’s not had a club since, so we could get him on the cheap and use him. That is if keeps paying out..”

Marcus nodded and hoped himself that Joan/Jose would continue his investment in the club. Hopefully winning would help, he mused.

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