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The Jade Rabbit 3: Don’t Call Me, Alcoyano!

So, we had a stretch playing three away games in a row. Games against CD Alcoyano, Real Madrid B and Llaogstera. A decent mix.

For those at the back, those who came in late and those who are just plain hard of hearing, I am currently managing CE L’Hospitalet in the Segunda Division B3 in 2022/23. How I got to this point is encased in these fine pages. The level of player I have is…

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the first of the three games.

Game 1: CD Alcoyano (16th) A

Image result for cd alcoyano

A good game to start with. Alcoyano are low in the table, but that comes with it’s own set of problems, like if they play deep and dont allow a counter.

32nd Minute: Here we see an Alcoyano attack breaking down. They manage to recycle the ball out to the edge of the area, but after fashioning an opening, my NCD closes the player down and the blocked shot falls to the BBM who is back defending. Notice that there are 7 of my players around that area, helping out in defence. The BBM hits a long ball to the AF, who has come deep. His header goes out to the Raumdeuter who runs half the length of the pitch before being tackled for a corner on the byline. This is excellent building blocks for the tactic. Swarming defence on one end, the Raumdeuter causing havoc at the other. Good start.

49th minute The keeper follows instructions by playing it short to the NCB, who plays a simple pass back to the keeper. The keeper then plays the ball to the BPD. He then ventures forward before passing it back to the NCB, who launches a long pass into the path of the Advanced Forward, who breaks forward and rolls the ball into the net on a one-on-one. Now, this play was called back on an offside against the Advanced Forward, but it does also represent what we want, playing the ball around, before launching an attack.

67th Minute: On first look, our 6 players in the box have snuffed out an Alcoyano attack, which is exactly what we want. The BBM is back with the ball and launches a long pass towards the Raumdeuter, who takes on his defender and passes him. Sadly he can’t finish (only 3 goals this season), but it’s more evidence of what I want to happen, with regards to attacking.

I moved onto a more attacking formation on 70 minutes to try to grab the win, but it ended up 0-0.

This was Alcoyano’s shot chart at the end. The three on the far right of the goal came from the change in formation, so they can be discounted. The three shots on goal were all from low-percentage shots out wide which Jon Tena had covered.

As you can see, all the shots came from outside the box or at a tight angle, which meant we didn’t give up any high-risk chances whilst playing the formation.

Conclusion: We played well and restricted them to low-percentage shots. We also had some excellent moves. If only we could finish…


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