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Toffee Nose, Bluenose, Fuck Knows – Settlers of Catalan V

December in Barcelona. He’d been in worse places, thought Marcus, walking to work. In some ways, it mirrored his lifestyle in Milan, only with less money. And Spanish coffee was awful.

Today was his meeting with Johnny and Bryan Klug about the Youth Intake snapshot that Bryan always provided. He showed his ID to the security guard on duty and was allowed access to the training ground. He entered his spartan office at the end of the building and, taking his jacket off, sat down on his seat. Leaning back, he composed his thoughts about the first half of the season.

They’d done well so far. They were currently hovering around mid-table in LaLiga Smartbank after stunning the whole of Spain by winning their first game at that level since 1966, 7-1!!! And their signings that summer had all done well. They’got three F.C Barcelona players in at the end of their contracts, all of which had gone straight into the first team. First up was full back Sergi Rosanas. He’d transformed their right side of the pitch, in conjunction with Diaz. Next in was defender Oscar Minguez. He could play all along the back, but was mainly used as the linchpin of the defence. Finally, striker Peque. He’d signed on the hottest day of the year and continued to be on fire throughout the season, notching 10 goals already, including a hat-trick on his debut!! Marcus smiled. This was good so far.

A knock came at the door and Marcus bade enter. Johnny came in, followed by Bryan. They took their customary seats and Bryan handed over the usual slim buff folder to Marcus who opened it and looked inside

“As you can see, Boss, we should get a diamond at the base of the midfield, one of the areas that we are sorely lacking in. A good winger, who might be a little buried under our depth right now. But we’ll see. Yes, there are downsides, but this is realistically, my first proper intake to work with…” said Bryan, sweating slightly, despite the December temperatures..

Marcus nodded and got up. He walked round the desk and stood in front of the two men, who turned to face him. Marcus was about to launch into a speech of how appreciative of them he was, when all attention was focused on a small metal object clinking into the room. All three men stared at it disbelievingly, before their world was picked up and slammed into the ground in a cacophony of sound and light.

Marcus coughed and staggered. The world was spinning and he caught the edge of the desk with his hand to try to steady himself, before the world went black, as a hood was dragged over his head and his arms wrenched behind his back and roughly tied. He wondered what the hell was happening before a gun butt connected with his skull, sending him into the blessed sleep of darkness…

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