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Where The Lobsters Spend The Winter


In the dead of the night he walked tirelessly.
The snow heavy, his feet cold.
His breath icy like the freezing wind howling in the trees.

He shrugged and sighed as he crawled on top of the trunk of a dead birch tree.
“Be the very careful”, he whispered as he struggled for balance.
His eyes almost frozen shut gazed far through the misty air.
Finally, the moon’s reflection in the frost covered lake revealed what lied ahead.
A small cabin the size of five rows of potatoes.
Smoke leaving the chimney played with his mind.
Was that borscht boiling, a beat soup, that he could smell in the air now?
A sensation like the one from a drop of vodka hitting the tip of his tongue accompanied the smell.

“Come on, Bubnov!” Svatopluk yelled, “We still have much to walk!”


This save and the posts on FtCS in this universe will revolve around our new duo who we’ll learn more about soon enough. For now you’ll know them as Svato and Bubnov.

My aim with this story is to replicate what I did with my African save [FM17] If you think you’re too small to make a difference you haven’t spent a night with a mosquito that ran for a long time and reaching 22 pages on Sports Interactive Community in the forum FM Career Updates.

My biggest FM project yet, and a journeyman on the African continent. I loved that save to bits.
Nelson Manedela Jr. and Mumbu Umbolele ran the show and I had a lot of fun with the interactions I had with several users on FMCU.
I embrace people joining in and creating their own plots for my stories and adding in a few parts through the thread, so feel free to do so!

And back to this save.
We’ll be taking our first steps in the Eastern European region, more precisely Belarus.
I won’t say more on that, but I will say, that we will primarily be in this region but might deviate if the story pulls us towards other places.
Let’s not be too uptight on this point.

With this region I also plan on bringing in a few references to the Soviet bloc and significant people from that period, historical references to this region, a lot of people who have little to no relation to the region as well, of course.

As always, expect a lot of weird shit happening, uncomfortable scenarios, ween references, eucalyptus oil action and heartbreaking moments.
Oh, and if the ME in ’20 is anything like ’17, expect a lot of gifs on the stupid shit I experience.


Oh yeah, and this is happening too.

Bobby Manc’s List

Aforementioned will comprise of a directory of people who laughed at the leaked Bobby Mankini photos.

Gratitude the general direction of Seattle Red for creating and providing the masterpiece at hand.

The culprits mentioned in this directory will all be from the ‘Where The Lobsters Spend The Winter Before They Go To Bahamas To Drink Banana Splits And Soak Up Some Vitamin D Before Returning To Become My Dinner. Yummy. And Vodka’ story itself.

Nominations will be received with utmost pleasure, should any reasonable suggestions for other individuals be made, these will be considered by the ‘Bobby Looks Hot In A Mankini’ committee. Members: (Will be updated routinely.)

Next Time We’ll Meet The Man In The Cabin…

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