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A Danske Danske Revolution

Hello and welcome to the Football Manager 2021 group save for FM Cheap Seats!

“A group save?” I hear you cry? “What, like do a season and pass it on?” NO!

First off, here is the premise. Start off at a Danmarksturneringens 2. division side with badges to match with the ultimate goal of winning every trophy available with Brøndby IF.

Simple, no? And the best thing is, you have a start and a finish. The middle? You can do what you like.

Youth only with Anderlecht? Sold!

Give into madness and lunges at Malmö FF? Done!

Have a weakness for pure Colombian sugar? Deportivo Cali holding your children hostage until you win? Go ahead!

And now here’s the really exciting part! YOU! Yes, you can take part. Wait! What’s that? You have your own blog and want to document it there? Absolutely!! Just use the hashtag #DanskeDanske in your socials and show everyone that you’re taking part in the madness.

I will post a once a week round-up of how everyone is doing here on From the Cheap Seats and also the SI Games forum. Once again, ANYONE can take part. Any FM. Any database.

Come join the madness.

Viva la Revolution! The Danske Danske Revolution!

And remember, if you’re falling apart to half time? These are the lives you love to live…

1 thought on “A Danske Danske Revolution”

  1. You can Danske if you want to, you can leave your friends behind…

    ‘Cause your friends don’t Danske and if they don’t Danske well, they’re no friends of mine…

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