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My Plans For Football Manager 2021

In this post i will talk about all of the plans i currently have regarding Football Manager 2021. As the release of the game itself is still a month away i will outline my plans as much as i can but there are still things i need to decide upon. I sincerely hope you all enjoy this post and will come back to check out my Football Manager 2021 content in the future.

FOOTBALL MANAGER 2021 BETA save; FC Eindhoven

As soon as the bèta version of the game gets released i will jump straight into a save with FC Eindhoven. Normally i would use a bigger club to get used to all of the new features but this time around i am starting with a smaller club. Why FC Eindhoven you might think? Well, this club has been the club which i supported when i lived in Eindhoven. I have always been an AFC Ajax supporter so i have absolutely nothing with PSV but i always had much love for FC Eindhoven. This club has been around since 1909 in Dutch football but never was that successful. Below a brief glance at the clubs history provided by Wikipedia.


The club was founded on 16 November 1909 as EVV Eindhoven. A couple of Gentleman had seen that the clubs in the North area called the Randstad were growing and felt there was a need for a new team in Eindhoven too. Decided was to found a new club under the name E.V.V. short for Eindhovense Voetbal Vereniging. Club colours were blue and white, the blue came from the crest of the city Eindhoven at that time. E.V.V. start to play in the Brabantse Voetbalbond, a regional league, but a couple of years after they start to play in the NVB, the National League. In 1921 E.V.V. fuses with Gestel (local team) and changes its name to E.V.V. Eindhoven. At the end of the 30s Eindhoven has his first bit of success as they got hold of the Dutch Cup, the KNVB Beker (1937). In 1939 E.V.V. Eindhoven is the new Champion of the 1st Division Region South and plays for the title of The Netherlands with teams like DWS, NEC, Ajax and Achilles 1894. They finish 4th.

In 1950 E.V.V. Eindhoven has their first Dutch international in the name of Noud van Melis. Frans Tebak and Dick Snoek were to follow in his footsteps soon. In 1954, Eindhoven were the last Dutch league champions before the introduction of the professional league. After turning professional in 1954, the club played in the Eredivisie until 1957, when Eindhoven were relegated to the Eerste Divisie. In 1969 they were even relegated to the Tweede Divisie. Two years later, the club secured promotion back to the Eerste Divisie, and in 1975, Eindhoven were promoted to the Eredivisie. In 1977, Eindhoven were relegated back to the Eerste Divisie, where it has remained ever since. In 1997 E.V.V. Eindhoven left the professional scene and is once again an amateur club. A new professional club SBV Eindhoven (Stichting Betaald Voetbal Eindhoven) was founded, this name was in 2002 changed to FC Eindhoven.

In the 2009–2010 season FC Eindhoven qualified for playoffs to advance to the Eredivisie. Eindhoven advanced past the first round defeating AGOVV Apeldoorn 4–2 goal aggregate. Eindhoven was pitted against possible relegation from Eredivisie club Willem II and were narrowly defeated 3–2 aggregate. So they will remain in the Eerste Divisie. In 2011/2012 FC Eindhoven had a fantastic season and finished 3rd, despite Ernest Faber leaving FC Eindhoven as manager to join Dick Advocaat at PSV to be his assistant in March 2012. The club lost 3–0 to Helmond Sport over two legs, 1–0 in the first and 2–0 in the second, in Round 2 of the promotion playoffs.

Erwin Koeman, the replacement of Ernest Faber, left in the summer of 2012 and was replaced by John Lammers. Under Lammers the 12–13 season finished in a disappointing 16th spot, only above two sides whose points totals had been set at zero due to bankruptcy. The 13–14 season was a big improvement with the club finishing 6th and qualifying for the promotion play-offs. There they encountered Sparta Rotterdam to whom they lost to 3–1 on aggregate.

My bèta save will be used to test out all new features and i will look for as many bugs which i will report over at the SI forum. If my bèta save will become my main save which i will be blogging about is something i will decide later. First i want to see how Football Manager 2021 is performing bug wise before i decide which save and club will be my main save on the blog.


Last year i was thinking about doing a blog series called Football Manager predicts but i never got round doing so. This year i will definitely give it a try as i really hope i have more time to spend on the game itself. What is this series about then? Well in these series i will simulate the game and then i will provide overviews of what has happened in several competitions. How many seasons i will be simulating i do not know right now. But i really want to see what Football Manager 2021 is going to predict. I am very curious about who the next big player will be and which clubs will be winning the UEFA Champions League according to Football Manager. It is also very interesting to see which nation will be winning the Euro Cup and the World Cup. So make sure to come back regularly because Football Manager predicts is coming as soon as the game is as bug free as possible.


As in every football manager edition i will be looking to create the best plug & play tactics that i can create. Last year my winger tactic which i used in my Rangers save was really popular. This time i will be looking for decent tactics again and this also goes for set pieces. My defensive setup has been around for quite a few years and it has been working everytime. I will be testing that setup in Football Manager 2021 for sure but i will also look into and consider other options.

Now that xG has been introduced into the game my tactical approach will differ from what i’ve been doing in the previous editions. This time around i will look more at the stats when i create a tactic or a set piece setup. By using the stats i can support certain decisions that i have been making. It is easier to explain things when you have actual numbers to back you up. So i will be changings things and i hope this wil turn out into a sew awesome tactics for all of you to use.


Another thing that i’ve been doing is setting up a new Dutch Football Manager community called fmgidsen. With this community i want to create and translate Football Manager content into my native language (Dutch). This way it will be much easier for Dutch Football Manager players to understand all the bits and pieces that come along with our beloved game. I hope that my new community can get some love and support from the existing Football Manager communities as growth is appreciated. I am also proud to anounce that DF11 Faces, GuideToFM and FM Slovakia have agreed upon partnerships with my new community. This means i can use their content and birng it to my fellow Dutch Football Manager players. You can find my new community via the links below:

If you have any content that i am allowed to use for fmgidsen then please contact me!


As most of you’ve already noticed i will write my future posts on this lovely website. With running a Dutch Football Manager community i do not have the time nor the funds to keep a second website running as well. That is why i was searching for a new home for all my English content. In the end i got three nice offers from which i’ve chosen FtcS as my new Football Manager home. I am really looking forward to posting my stuff on this website and i am very curious to see how our coöperation with eachother at FtcS will be for FM21 and beyond.


There is more then enough Football Manager 2021 content coming from my side and i am really looking forward to the release of the game. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and let me know what you think about my FM21 plans! Stay safe and let’s enjoy all of the #FM21Features that are slowly being released during the next few weeks.



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