Mágico – An introduction

Welcome to my first post here at fmcheapseats! In this post i will guide you through which club i will be managing in my main save game. I will also talk about the save game objectives and all other stuff that comes to mind.

With Football Manager 2021 knocking at the door it was time to decide on a club. I intended to go to the Chilean leagues and take the reigns at a club over there. As it has been ages since i’ve set foot in South America that would be a real challenge. But due to personal issues i eventually decided to stay closer at home and look for a club in Europe. I fear that the lack of time to properly play Football Manager during the next few months would otherwise kill my interest in the save. So i was in need of a club where i have more knowledge off then a complete strange club. By doing it this way it will be easier for me to keep playing the game and blogging about it. I hope you all will enjoy my FM21 content so let’s get cracking!!

Reial Club Deportiu Espanyol de Barcelona, S.A.D (or Mágico)

In my story called Mágico i will be taking charge at the one and true football club from Barcelona, RCD Espanyol!! The club was founded in 1900 as Sociedad Espãnola de Football. And the club did not get the name they have today until 1912. It was at this time when they got granted patronage by the Spanish Crown. This meant they were entitled to use Real in their club name and use the royal crown on their club badge. Espanyol was also the first club in Spain to be formed exclusively by Spanish fans of the game where other (early) clubs had links to Britain or central Europe. The club was founded by Ángel Rodríguez Ruiz (1879-1959) who was an engineering student at the University of Barcelona. The club has several nicknames such as Los Periquitos, Blanquiazules and Mágico (Magical).


The club currently plays their games in the RCDE Stadium which can hold up to 40.000 fans. They also have top corporate facilities, superb training- and youth facilities and good Academy Coaching. The only thing that needs to be improved is their average Youth Recruitment. This means that i do not have to put too much money into upgrading them. So all i have to do is keep them up to date so we will be able to develop new Spanish world class football players.


The clubs prize cabinet is still pretty empty after all those years of football. They have been able to win the Spanish cup four times (1929, 1940, 2000, 2006) and the Spanish Segunda Division once during the season 1993-1994. They have been able to reach the UEFA Cup final two times (1987–88, 2006–07) but both times they lost. Last season the club got relegated so when i take charge at RCD Espanyol we will start in the Segunda Division.

Save game objectives?

As i’ve stated earlier in this post i want to rebuild the one and true club from Barcelona. Our biggest rivals, FC Barcelona, have been founded by foreigners. This means that we are the only true Spanish club from Barcelona. I really love the challenge of building a club that will compete for winning silverware on both national as European level. So let’s take a look at my save game objectives and where this all should lead Mágico to.

Short-term objectives ( one to five seasons ):

  • Secure promotion to La Liga (the big money can be earned there)
  • Establish ourselves as a sub-top team
  • Compete for European football on a yearly basis
  • Keep our facilities up to date
  • Boost our finances by both player sales as well as sportive success
  • Setting up a successful scouting team (finding talent world wide)
  • Lift the members of staff to a higher level

Long-term objectives ( five seasons and beyond ):

  • Developing a talent production line (developing talent on a yearly basis) for the first team or player sales
  • Establish ourselves as a top team in Spain (and Europe) by challenging and defeating the other top teams in La Liga
  • Winning silverware every other year (Spanish Cup, La Liga, Uefa Cup or Champions League)
  • Be the main supplier for the Spanish national team (and the youth teams)
  • Become a top ten club in the club ranking (based on reputation)
  • Set new club records
  • Creating our own style of play (Football Brand – similar to Total-Football, Sarriball, etc.)

Paso a Paso

Step by step

Implementing a philosophy

I am a very proud AFC Ajax supporter as long as i can remember. The current philosophy they have implemented in Amsterdam is very good. So i will be taking bits and pieces from their philosophy which i will implement at Espanyol. I will certainly mix this up with my own football philosophy so we can create our own style of play. Our motto for the next few seasons will be Paso a Paso. This means Step by Step and that is exactly how everything will go within this save game at my new club. We will be doing everything step by step to ensure that we make the right decisions at the right time. I also want to make sure that we do not forget anything because that might come and haunt us somewhere in the future. A few things that i really hope to implement are the following:

  • Play dominating and attractive football
  • Create a healthy balance between young talented players and veteran players
  • Develop a tactic people will talk about
  • Bringing in young players from all over the world at the youngest age possible (so we can develop them into world class players from the get go)
  • Continuously improve the level at the club (keep setting higher goals and standards)

Final words ..

If you’ve made it this far in this post i salute you. Thanks for reading and i hope you will come back as soon as a new blog post comes out. I hope my adventure with Mágico will be a fun one both for myself when i am playing and writing but also for you when you are reading my blog posts. Let’s hope on a lot of magical games (mágico) in Football Manager 2021!! For now stay safe and till next time!!



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