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Welcome to the second post in the Mágico #FM21 series here at fmcheapseats. In this post we will take a look at the manager i will be using during this save game. Let’s get cracking!

Thirty-seven years ago Pablo Naranja was born in Buenos Aires, Colombia. His Colombian father was a famous rancher and horsebreeder where his mother was a Spanish Amazon. Their relationship started at an horsebreeding event which both Pablo his father and mother attended several years back.  Pablo his mother Teresa travelled the world to find new horses for the stable she worked at. The rich owner was always on the lookout for new horses which he could use for racing or for breeding in Europe. Pablo his father Santiago was a very famous horsebreeder who attracted customers from alle over the globe. So the love for horses was the main thing that brought them together. What started as a work type relationship eventually ended up in a marriage and the birth of little Pablo.

Early years

Pablo Naranja lived his early years in Bueno Aires. This town was founded by Vasco de Gúzman and Alonso de Fuenmayor in 1551. It has been growing ever since but it has never been a really special town besides all the ranching and agriculture that can be found there. So Pablo grew up on his parents ranch where he learned that everything in life is connected with eachother through mother nature. His love for horses is something that has been in his blood since he was born. Even as a young kid he already helped out with feeding the horses and occassionally riding one them as well. His mother however never lost track of him and made sure he was always as safe as he could possibly be. Due to the succes his father had with his horsebreeding the family never lacked anything on the financial side of things. But the succes would eventually lead this family into a horrific situation.

Due to the international transactions that Pablo his father did with his worldwide customers he was a very interesting option for drug cartels. Pablo his father Santiago told the cartel time and again that he would not help them with their dirty business. This eventually led to the fact that Pablo lost his father. In broad daylight five members from the cartel came to the ranch and executed him on sight. After that they torched the ranch to make sure other succesful ranchers would get the message not to turn them down. With the knowledge that the police would do nothing about Santiago his murder his mother decided that it was time to leave Colombia. After they buried Santiago near the burned down ranch Pablo and Teresa travelled to Spain where they were taken in by Teresa’s parents.

His teens

A few years went by for Pablo and his mother Teresa where they lived in relative peace. The horrors from the day their beloved father and husband was murdered haunts them each day. But time does heal most wounds and so they carried on with their lives. After living with Teresa’s parents Pablo his mother bought a small ranch near Cornellà de Llobregat. She would never  breed horses again and as she had quit her previous job she now had more then enough time and money to set up her own ranch. At this ranch she taught other people how to ride horses and Pablo helped her out when he wasn’t in school. It was also during this time Pablo developed his love football. Whenever his mother did not need him he was out on the streets playing football with his amigos. During his years at school Pablo had a big love for data analysis. As he was a die-hard football fan he regularly visited football matches. Especially the ones from RCD Espanyol. As this club was very close to where he lived and they also had affordable prices for their tickets he went to the stadium regularly with a few of his friends.

His twenties

His love for data analysis never left him and so he graduated with a masters degree in this exact area. After getting his diploma he applied for a job as analist at a few football clubs. After not hearing from them for quite some time he kept helping out his mother at her ranch. Earning a bit of money which he decided to save all for later. Then suddenly out of the blue a miracle happened as he did get a reaction to one of his job applications. It was RCD Espanyol who contacted him and offered him a position at the club as analist. Pablo did not hesitate and accepted the job. During the day he was working at the club to analyse all kinds of data and during the evenings he was studying for his coaching degrees. As Pablo was a hard working student he learned and learned and kept earning his diploma’s. After he received all of his coaching licences another tough part of his life unfolded. His mother suddenly passed away completely out of the blue. This was a great shock to Pablo which caused him to drop into a very deep and black hole for a while. He eventually found out that his mother had stage IV cancer but she always kept it a secret for him. As she was so proud of his accomplishments she did not want to distract him from the positive path he was on. After the funeral Pablo seeked help for all of his issues and so he managed to find his way back into a positive way of living.

His thirties

Luckily due to all of the professional help he received he managed to keep his job. He even found a nice appartment and started a ‘new life’ from there. Together with his girlfriend Rosa who he married when he was 35 he travelled a lot. He saw a lot of the world while loving his job at Espanyol. Analysing data day in and out eventually started to take it’s toll. But then something happened nobody would’ve expected. RCD Espanyol relegated to the Segunda Divison in the season 2019-2020 and thus their manager got sacked. Club President Chen Yansheng needed to find a new manager for the club to guide them back to La Liga. How and why they ended up at Pablo Naranja his doorstep he still doesn’t know but he got a job offer he never expected. President Yansheng wanted Pablo as the new RCD Espanyol manager. As Pablo was tired of his data analysis work he did not hesitate and accepted the job offer! And so for season 2020-2021 Pablo Naranja will be the new manager for RCD Espanyol. He will be responsible for bringing them back to La Liga and create an era off Naranja-ball and succes for the club that sees itself as the TRUE (Spanish) club from Barcelona!!

Pablo Naranja, the new RCD Espanyol manager

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