You always remember your first

You never forget your first of anything. Your first kiss, your first proper girlfriend, your first beer (legally anyway), your first arrest and so on. Jock fondly remembers all of these things, his first legal beer and arrest came on the same day after all. But for his first game as a football manager, it turned out not as bad as first thought.

In a typical season opener both teams seemed happy trying to hold on to the ball and feel each other out. Jock had stood on the sideline and hadn’t really called out any instructions other than his pre match briefing. Sensing his nervousness, the Boldklubben manager decided now would be good time to go on the attack.

25 minutes into the game the manager urged his forwards on, and onward they went. A surging run from their wide players resulted in Lucas Black cutting inside on to his right foot, only to be bundled over by Thyssen right on the edge of the box. The ref didn’t hesitate and awarded a penalty to Boldklubben. Not the start Jock had in mind.

It was Black who stepped up and buried the spot kick to give them an early lead, and prompted Jock’s first response

‘Are yous fucking kidding me?! You, blondie, gerra fucking grip man!’ he yelled toward Thyssen, who mouthed something back in Danish ‘And ya can cut that foreign speak out an all’ was Jocks reply.

Before the game restarted, Jock pulled right winger Frick aside and gave him some instructions ‘Come on laddy, ya canny miss the big fella, swing the ball his way, let him do the rest’ and as the game restarted, Frick took the words of advice on board, called for and received the ball on the right wing and went on his way darting run forward.

Just as Jock had asked, Frick swung the ball from deep and it found it’s way into the path of Frederiksen, and just as desired he buried the ball home to level the score to 1 apiece. It wasn’t a diving header, or a header at all, but the big man comfortably controlled the ball on his right and tucked the ball in the bottom corner with a nice volley. The big fella’s got some technique on him Jock said to himself.

‘Reet lads, carry this on now, same again yeah’ was the instruction from Jock on the sideline as the game restarted for a second time. The keeper restarted with a goal kick, but it was Thyssen in the middle that controlled the ball, and played in Karjaseivic through the middle who beat the offside trap, took a touch, then another and steadied himself to put his team 2-1 up. ‘See that lads, simple football. Keep at it no stopping now’ as the team managed to get to half time in the lead

‘Simple innit lads. Keep these 2 (he pointed to the goal scorers) in the game, and I’ve no doubt there’ll be another goal’. The team nodded their approval, not really showing any emotions. Jock hadn’t really thought about making any changes and just let the 11 starters carry on the game.

Much like the first half, both teams were sitting deep to start the second and not really pressing on. As Jock predicted there was another goal in the game, but not for Skovshoved. In another cruel twist of fate, the ref blew for another foul by Thyssen. If the first half foul was dubious to be given as a penalty, the foul that had just been called was nothing more than a blatant dive by Tomni Adammson of BoldKlubben. When he went down Jock and Rene had jumped and screamed all sorts of obscenities at the ref and linesmen, but the ref gave the free kick anyway. ‘Goal here, you fucking watch’ Jock remarked as Adammson stepped up and rifled in a 25 yard shot into the net. Brylle in goal tried but failed to stop it going in. 2 all and everything still to play for, but Jock knew his team had only created those 2 chances that had resulted in a goal. ‘100 percent conversation rate though Rene’ Jock kept telling his assistant manager.

From the fourth goal of the game onwards it looked like being a score draw in Jocks first game, but Frederiksen had other ideas. A long ball over the top yet again, but instead of finding Frederiksen it was a Boldklubben defender that met it, but absolutely mis-controlled it and there was the big man to nick it away from him and go towards goal, and add his second and Skovshoved’s third of the day to make the score 3-2 with 10 minutes to go.

Despite sitting back and controlling most of the pressure, the Skovshoved defence fell apart with time running out and allowed Boldklubben another equaliser that wasn’t deserved. After getting the ball in the box somehow the home team poked it home to equalise late on. Ringing in his ears were his own words from a couple of days earlier ‘We go out to win every game’ as he urged his team on from the sideline, and the pressing almost, almost paid off. A corner late in game, the 91st minute to be exact was whipped in to the far post and center half Hansen hit a bullet header into the back of the goal, but as he raised above his marker, he had illegally used his hands to gain the advantage and the ref rightly blew for infringement.

The game ended as a 3 all draw with neither team having any complaints about the result, only the manner of each conceding 3 goals.

As for Jocks first ever post match team talk, he let assistant manager Rene Zedler do most of the talking. Whilst Rene went over the finer points of the game, Jock told the team what he was impressed with, the forward movement and accuracy of the long balls up top were a major highlight, but their defending left a lot to be desired ‘Let’s not rest on this, whilst it was a priceless draw all things considered, we’ve got to keep building on this and not let up’ were his final words before Rene confirmed that defending would be the focal point of training for the next week or so.

Once the team had arrived back in Shovskoved and left each other, Jock and Craig Anderson stayed behind at the training ground to discuss tactics. ‘I’ve always wanted to work on set pieces’ Craig had said ‘Nay bother that pal, we’ve got some big units in this side, and corners are often overlooked’ Jock replied. It was true of the big players in the ranks, they had a 6 foot 8 forward, 3 of the natural center halves are 6 foot 3 and if they could work it right, set pieces might just be a good source of attacking threat for them.

The next game was a first round DBU Pokalen, the Danish equivalent of the FA Cup, against Vanlose. As with today’s opposition, Jock knew nothing about his upcoming opponents. But as long as the team stuck to the plan, we should be okay, so Jock keeps telling himself.

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