A good heart to heart is what we need

‘Right you lot, we’ve got to put in a better showing today than that shower of shit last time out’ Jock was talking to his team as they were getting ready for their first home game of the campaign ‘I dunno about yous, but these don’t scare me, we take it to them and we’ll see them crumble’ but as he continued on, club captain Simon Skibsted  stepped up

‘We lost against Vanlose last week in the cup. Did you forget?’

‘No, and that was just the cup, we were never going to win that were we? Just up your game, keep doing what I tell you and we’ll win. Go out there and prove you can win this game’

One thing the players all agreed on with their new manager 2 games into his reign was that his words needed touching up. A product of the lower league football system himself, he was never one for words of wisdom. The teams last showing was a 3-2 loss to the same team they’re playing today, albeit in the cup, but 5 goals scored in 2 games gave optimism, but the 6 conceded also caused concerns for Jock and his assistant manager Rene Zedler, so much so that the team only worked on defending in training, which paid off somewhat in this game.

A goal either side of half time looked to be enough for Jock’s new team, but late on Vanlose pulled one back to give the team a nervy final 23 minutes. They held on to record the first league win of the campaign, and Jock tells the team after the game ‘Just like I said if we kept at them they’d crumble and we’d win’ despite the fact they defended for their lives for the final 23 minutes of normal time, and the 4 added minutes.

Back to back 4 goal wins, 4-0 at home to Vestsjaelland and 4-1 at home to Hillerod preceeded a 2-0 away loss to B.93, why on Earth did teams have numbers in them? Boggles my mind does that. Oh it’s you, you’re talking to yourself again. Sorry. Anyway as the team had managed 8 goals in 2 home games following their first win of the season over Vanlose, it was only right that they lost 2-1 away to FA 2000, another team with a bloody number in it’s name! Is that the in thing at minute, numbers in team names? Write that down, we’ll look into it later.

On the fourth of October, Jock was sat in the office at the training ground. On his desk were a picture of the Motherwell side that won the FA Cup in 1991, Jock was barely 1 year old at that time, plus a picture of James McFadden in the Motherwell away shirt during his time playing in the early 2000’s. It was during this time of reflection that Jock knew he needed something to spark this team into life. They’re coming off the back of 6 games without a win, 5 of those being losses, and it seemed as though the team were living up to the tag of relegation certainties

Whilst the team were huddled around him in the dressing room, all were silent as Jock pondered what to say. Shall I just say well done lads for being just what the media said you were, relegation fodder? Or do I say they’re not doing too badly and the results will come? Is it me, am I reason why we’re…

‘Jock, you’re doing it again’ Craig said. Jock looked up ‘Oh sorry. Where was I?’

‘You were about tell let the lads what to expect from tomorrow’s game’ Craig replied, but as Jock looked toward the dressing room, only club captain Simon Skibsted was left in the room

‘Rene’s taken the boys out to work on engaged defending, again’ he said before continuing ‘and I thought maybe we could have a chat, to discuss things moving forward?’

‘I’m glad you said that as I was going to ask you for a chat anyway Simon, great minds eh’ Jock lied.

As the 2 were talking, Jock realised that Simon was the model professional, and really, during this bad run he was the stand out performer, not that it was hard to stand out in a team of losers, no wait that’s not fair now, we’ve only lost 5, we drew that one against HIK remember? Oh yes sorry. ‘Anyway Simon, you don’t like me, that’s fine, I’m happy with that, not many people like me, that’s why I’ve come here actually, to get away from all the backstabbing shithousery in Motherwell and that dirty rotten little’ ‘JOCK!’ Craig interfered before Jock’s rant could really gather some steam ‘You were telling Simon about the talk we’ve both had (he said with a hint of a wink) earlier weren’t you!’

Sensing the tension, Jock continued ‘So what I mean is, this management gig, it’s new to me, I mean, it’s not really new as such, it’s new to me in Denmark I mean, ‘cos I’ve managed loads of teams before you know and I’ve won loads of trophies, anyway like I said, you don’t like me, you don’t need to really, but if we can just stick together and I duuno pull through this bad run maybe we can get a few wins under our belt and really push on from here’

‘Like winning the league, as you said we would do when you joined?’ Simon replied

‘Not really, obviously we can’t do that now, I only said that to try and spur you lot on you know, motivate ya’ Jock had sensed he’d lost Simon by this point, gave a sigh and just said what came to his mind ‘Look, I hate to say it like this, but if we can pull together, get some wins together, push on then maybe, maybe it will open doors for us all down the line’ He let himself have a moment before continuing ‘I don’t mean open doors to another club, no, what I mean is, why can’t we really try and push on here and see where it takes us? If Wigan can win the FA Cup over Man City, if them twats Rangers can come all the way back from League 2, then why can’t us lot here at Skovshoved push on and get out of this division? Maybe not this year, but next year? Or the year after? Like I said you don’t need to like me, but whether either of us want to accept it or not, we’re in this together, and it benefits us all if we stick together’

Simon was taken aback by this, but wholeheartedly agreed with the words of his manager

‘As captain, you’re integral to our chances not just this season but next season as well’ Jock continued telling Simon ‘You’ve got the talent, and there’s certainly quality in the side to really turn this season on it’s head’ as he said that Simon had already turned and left to go to the training ground

The pep talk seemed to work as their next opponents, and the first team Jock had faced as a manager BK Frem found out.

It didn’t take long, 20 minutes in fact, before Karajsevic struck. In an even opening 20 minutes where both sides were really going for it, it was the big man Frederiksen again proving his worth with a flick on to not as big man Karajsevic who buried the ball home to give Skovshoved the lead heading into half time.

Jock wasn’t lying when he said ‘I genuinely think we’ve been the better team here, ignore the fact they’ve had more of the ball, we’ve got more goals than they have and really, they’ve not done too much with the ball that we haven’t been able to handle’ as the team all sat in the dressing room at the half, and all agreed for the first time this season with everything Jock was saying. Jock singled out forward Frederiksen and told him he played well, but could improve on the 1 assist he’d got. He told young central midfielder Oli Ostergaard, making his first start just how happy he was with him for holding on to the ball well and finding team mates often, and the defence as a whole for thier defensive work so far, full back Kjaer looking extremely happy with the words.

The second half was much like the first, in that Skovshoved came out swinging and dominated the game. Apart from an unlucky own goal, in which a low cross clipped goalkeeper Brylles leg and went in, BK Frem did absolutely nothing of note, other than concede 2 more goals, another goal for Mister Consistent Dino Karjasevic as well as his strike partner Frederiksen also grabbing a goal, to give Jock’s team a very much needed 3-1 home win

If Jock’s heart to heart with captain Skibsted the day before the BK Frem game was intended as something to spark a revival, than it certainly worked, as B.93, those morons with a number in their name and Vanlose found out, as Skovshoved did the unthinkable and put 6(!) past 93 (have that number nerds!) and edged out a 3-2 away win over Vanlose, before a 3 all draw away to Vestsjaelland to record 3 wins out of 4 since the manager / captain heart to heart.

Forgetting that they suffered back to back defeats to Hillerod & FA 2000, that other team with bloody numbers in it, before they went on the mid season break, things were starting to look up for Jock McGhee and Skovshoved

‘I turned it all around you know’ Jock remarked to Craig Anderson as they were sat in the dugout as the team finished their final training session before the winter break

‘Turned what around ya daft twat?’

‘The team. I told Skibby that he and the squad had the talent to turn things around, and he believed me the silly bugger!’

‘Oh you mean Skibsted who’s had 4 assists and controlled most things on the pitch in these last 6 games? Of course he’s talented, more so than you ever were’

‘Piss off will ya. If I hadn’t identified where we had been going wrong we’d probably be stuck to the bottom of the league looking like going down’

‘Which we still can, do you not remember the league splits in to 2 groups now, and if we finish in the bottom 4 of this group, we’re going down you tit!

‘Yes, of course I do’ Jock sneered back with a hint of realisation across his face. Craig wasn’t lying either, the team were now on their mid season break as the league had a winter break lasting until February, and the league now split into 2 mini leagues, much like the greatest league in the world, The SPL, Jock thought.

But just as he was contemplating how best to tackle the final 11 games in the league, the Skovshoved chairman Jakob Grandahl made his way over to Jock and Craig with a grim look on his face

‘Jock, Craig, I’ve got some news’

Next chapter – A new face arrives

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Chapter 1 – The beginning


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