Setting the pace

‘We’ve got it’

‘You sure this time?’

‘Yes, how many times do you need to ask me?’

‘We’ve been here before though. Is it for real this time?’

‘Look, we’ve got the backing from some big names, you’re the perfect front man for this, and lets not forget that Scottish guy in charge of the first team, the word is he’s got the stones and the right mindset to really take off. Before long we’ll be making some serious Euros off this guy’

‘Well we failed in Norway and Sweden, are you sure Denmark is the place for us?’

‘Yes it is. This is a small club, really small, all we need to do is the let the manager do whatever he wants, and we’ll just do what we’ve always done, inflate the figures a little bit, and by the time our guy is ready to come in, we give the Scotsman what we’ve got in mind and take it from there. Before you start worrying, the bosses in Italy know what they’re doing, they’ve done this enough times, and all we’ve got to do is listen and do what they say’

‘Okay, so what now?’

‘Well Mister Chairman, I think you need to speak to the manager and let him know he’s got your full backing, for now, and that you’re expecting good things from him and the team’

‘Okay Jens, I’ll do that, and I’ll do everything I can to make this a success’. It was Steffen Nielsen, the newly appointed chairman at Skovshoved that was speaking to his boss, Jens Ahlback on the afternoon of the Skovshoved elections.

As it transpired, Steffen Nielsen had won the vote by a landslide, a staggering 77 percent of the votes went to him, with 12 percent going to outgoing chairman Jakob Grandahl, 5 percent going to Marco Thisgaard, 3 percent going to Teodor Jepsen, 3 percent to Peter Halkjaer and Kristian Simonsen getting absolutely no votes at all. How his campaign managed to get quite so many votes was unclear, the Danish FA had to oversee the process for every club this relates to and found no wrong doing in the voting process. For Steffen however it was a great career move. At age 39, he’d been managing director at the Port of Copenhagen for 3 years before landing this role at Skovshoved. He’d brought in his own team of directors, brothers Nicolai & Sylvester Sondergaard, both of whom at one time or another had ties with the mafia in Rome, but no criminal charges have ever been brought forward.

During that first day of officially being in the role, Steffen had met with Jock and Craig and explained what he was expecting

‘No pressure gentlemen, but I think if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, then we’ll survive in the league, and believe me when I say the board have got big plans for this club’

‘Sounds grand that does Mister Chairman’ was all Jock could say as he wasn’t so sure of the new man in charge. Sure he talked a good game, but was this all smoke and mirrors?

From the new chairman coming into the club to the restart of the season, Jock felt he a bit nervous heading into the second stage. Had they over-achieved or not? From the restart they recorded wins over HIK & Helsingor, as well as draws with Avarta and Holbaek to finish 1 point, 1 bloody point! away from qualifying for the promotion stage of the league, and would start the relegation stage in second place on 29 points.

‘How do you reckon it’ll go Skaggers?’

‘How what’ll go Jocky?’

‘Relegation. You reckon we’ll do it, stay up I mean?’

‘Well looking at the teams in the group, we’ve maybe been the best apart from Sydvest, and there’s a nice cushion at the minute. I think the best we can hope for is to get some points on the board early and try to set the pace’. Craig was always the glass half full of the pair.

The first game of the relegation stage was an away tie with Vanlose, and Jock had thought for a day or so about his upcoming team talk

‘Right gentlemen, we’ve got 11 games to go which means a maximum of 33 points available to us now, and we’ve done well enough so far but do not think any of you are too good to go down, you’ve given yourself a good platform but don’t get complacent, yes what is it Soren?’

Soren Jensen had raised his hand as Jock was talking ‘Erm Jock, I’ve just got here, and I never got the team into any mess, I’m here to make sure we don’t go down’

‘Right yes okay not you, but you’re here to compliment the team and give us another chance of staying in the division’

‘Sure thing boss’

‘Okay where was I? Oh yeah, look none of us have come to Skovshoved to get relegated have we? And with a new owner here, hang on is he actually the owner or chairman? I don’t think he’s mentioned that? Anyway none of us want to piss this season up the wall do we, and next season, I don’t want any more pressure on us, but next season I want to be challenging for promotion. You hear what I’m saying lads?’ Jock said enthusiastically.

‘LOUD AND CLEAR BOSS’ Soren Jensen screamed at the top of his lungs

‘Thanks Soren that’s the spirit, but I was hoping for a better reaction from the rest of the squad. Anyway to give you an idea of the type of player Soren here is, we managed to beat competition from Brondby for his signature’ Jock said as Soren looked confused

‘But Boss I didn’t….’

‘Didn’t agree terms’ Jock finished before Soren could speak ‘Their loss isn’t it. Let’s all really show what we’re made of today’ Jock finished as the team finished their preparations for the first game of the relegation phase against Vanlose.

As always they set up with a rigid 4-4-2. Each player knew their role inside out at this point, not that each was world class by any stretch, but each player had served his purpose to full effect for the most part. Long looping balls from the back to the forwards was the aim and more often than not, worked out. Case in point nearly all of Dino Karjasevic’s goals so far had been either assisted by Frederiksen or he was involved in the goal in some way, and Skovshoved’s opener against Vanlose was scored by the big man / little man combo as usual. Peterson wrapped things up with half an hour to go, and survival was well and truly on track, all they had to do was keep at it

Next chapter – Lessons learned

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Chapter 1 – The beginning


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