Welcome to the new season.

‘So I’d like to officially introduce our new first choice goalkeeper, Matt McGinley, also known as Ginners. Our starting left full back Dean Hoskins, and starting right back David Barron, also known as Bazza’ Jock was introducing his new signings to the first team at Skovshoved the day after they’d arrived to his surprise.

It wasn’t a hard decision actually. The team needed 2 new fullbacks as defence was a concern, and first choice left back Gregers Lauritzen had actually left for Viborg.

Goalkeeper was an issue as well, despite Brylle starting 31 of the 33 games last season, he never inspired confidence, and his back up, 19 year old Sangild let in 5 on the final day of the season and certainly wasn’t ready for the responsibility of first choice keeper.

‘WELCOME TO THE CLUB LADS’ Soren Jensen yelled as Jock finished talking

Whispering to Hoskins, Bazza remarked ‘That must be the fucking nut job’ ‘Aye’ was Hoskins response

‘As is customary in Denmark, we always have a new signing initiation process. You get to choose your poison, the choices are…’

Jock cut him off ‘No Soren, just no. Not now, not ever. There’s no bloody initiation process here’

‘Yes there is’

‘No there isn’t’

‘Yes there is. I’m club captain and I say there is’

‘I’m the fucking manager and I say there isn’t. Hang on, club captain, who told you that?!?’

‘Oh yeah, forgot to tell you. During the break me and a few of the lads had a poker night at my house, and Skibbers bet the captaincy on a hand, he was dead sure he was gonna win’ Jock looked at Simon Skibsted, who just nodded back reluctantly ‘Anyway he bet on 2 pair, I had the devils hand aces and eights, and won, so I’m the captain now’

‘Sorry Soren, I can’t have that, I’m in charge here, and why on Earth was I not invited to this poker night?’

‘You’re the boss, that would just be weird and awkward me taking money off you’

‘Get stuffed, I’d have given you all a lesson in poker. Anyway, this isn’t up for debate, Skibbers is the captain and that’s final’

‘No boss, it’s not, I lost fair and square, it’s my own stupid decision, Soren is the rightful captain’

‘I should be handing out fines for this insubordination’

‘Whoa calm down boss’ Soren protested ‘There’s no insubordination, I’m sorry I should’ve told you about the captaincy’

‘It’s not that Soren, you should’ve invited me to the poker night! We agreed a few months ago that we’re all in this together, and to be in this together we need things like this’ Jock thought on the fly ‘Actually, to really buy in to the plan this season I’m demanding that once a month we have a get together at 1 players house. All 25 of us, no excuses. The players house can be chosen at random, we’ll discuss this later, and to start things off, the first team get together will be at my flat, this Saturday. This time it will be poker, 100 Euro buy in winner takes all.’

The team all seemed happy and enthusiastic at this, erm, team building exercise. Well I hope Hoskins doesn’t do anything like he did the last time we played poker. Whoa hang on now, we don’t need to open up old wounds do we? No, but you know what he’s like when he’s had a drink. Yes we all do, and we’ve just got to keep an eye on him. Don’t forget Bazza, he’s a bit of a loose cannon as well. Nah Bazza is all mouth he just shouts at everyone. What do you reckon Jakob will think to a party at his flat? He won’t mind, he’s moved to Copenhagen anyway, got a new job ain’t he

‘Does he always do this?’ Ginners asked Craig

‘You’d be surprised just how often he does’

‘Do we, I don’t know, just leave him to it then?’

‘Pretty much, aye’

Once the signings of McGinley, Hoskins and Barron were confirmed, the team for the upcoming season was more or less complete. They’d be working on the same formation, 4-4-2 as a starting tactic, as well as defensive positions this season. Hoskins is 34 and he’ll be the first tell to you he’s not the best going forward, or defensively, but one thing he’s done throughout his semi pro career, believe it or not is get goals and assists. How does a piss poor left full back get goals and assists I hear you ask dear reader? Set pieces.

For you see, Hoskins can’t really pass, tackle, run or do anything really other than be a nuisance in terms of closing down players and that’s about it. But give him the nod at any dead ball situation, and he’s usually good for a great free kick whipped in or on target at a direct free kick. Corners he’s been a beast at the lower levels. Any time he whips in a corner it either causes chaos for the defence or it’s straight into the path of an onrushing forward. That or another one of his team mates have got on the end of it. Averaging at worst 9 assists and 6 goals a year for every team he’d played for in Scotland, he was really a lower league David Beckham from set pieces, that was his thing, and Jock knew it

For Skovshoved to really use him to their advantage they’d have to get him as many set pieces as possible, whilst not exposing his weaknesses. It would be a balancing act for Jock.

For the start of Jock’s second season in management, Skovshoved would be in Group 2 of the 2.division this season, and in a stroke of good fortune they had avoided being drawn against any of the teams relegated from the Nordic Betliga. If there was ever a time to really show what he and the team were made of, this is it.

The preparations were well and truly underway for the opening game against Akademisk Boldklub Gladsaxe, or AB for short. But with all the optimism surrounding the new season, there was always something, or someone ready to bring them down

‘But why’ Jock asked as he sat in the room bewildered ‘I thought we were getting along just fine?’

‘We were, I mean we are, but I can’t say to no this’

‘Yes you can. Easily. Just so say no’

‘I can’t, I’ve already agreed to it, this is something I really won’t be turning down’

‘Well whatever. I hope you stuff it there and they get relegated, and then when we get promoted I can ring you and laugh at you’

‘It’s not even about the first team Jock. I’m going to become their Under 19’s manager, developing young players and having a hand in their development is something close to me, I’ve always wanted to be a manager, this is the start I need’

It was Rene Zedler that was talking. He’d just agreed to become the Under 19’s manager for AC Horsens in the division above. Jock was upset and pissed off really. He’d thought Rene would be there with him as he rose through the leagues to managerial superstardom, but luckily for Jock and Skovshoved, a replacement wasn’t too far away.

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Chapter 1 – The beginning


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