Second season syndrome

‘A lot can happen in 24 hours’

‘I know right’

‘He’s gone and taken all our ideas with him’

‘So. I’m not bothered’

‘But surely when the new assistant comes in we’ll have to re-learn everything’

‘You worry too much’ Jock tried to alleviate Soren Jensens fears ‘with all the enthusiasm I have and how much you’re going to be integral to our plans this season, and when we set out to be better than everyone else, when you want to prove to everyone that you’ve got the balls to take care of everything, you need trust and loyalty, you look to your blood, and you look to your friends’ as Jock finished speaking enthusiastically, he looked to his left and smiled.

Craig Anderson, Jocks best friend and current player liaison officer for Skovshoved was stood with the other 2 men in the room, what does he actually do around here? A lot, actually. Well name 3 things he does. He minds his own business for a start, and before you carry on I was about to tell what he will be dong from now on

‘Soren, club captain, meet Craig Anderson, first team assistant manager’

‘But I already know who he is, why am I meeting him again?’

‘It’s a figure of speech Soren, I’m telling you Craig is starting a new role as assistant manager’

‘I thought that was what he already did?’

‘Most of the lads did to be honest’

‘So what did he do before?’

‘Loads. Anyway listen, between the 3 of us, we really need to improve on last seasons finish, and with Hoskins being a dead ball specialist, I think we’ve got a great chance at really having a go at the promotion end of the league’

Once officially signed Jock showed the 3 new players around the club and stadium in particular

‘And if you look to your left, you’ll see the staff car park’ Jock said in a condescending way

‘Not much to it is there’ Hoskins asked ‘Nah not really pal, it’s a decent little place for you to carry on playing though’

Not only being stuck with Soren’s ever present energy and enthusiasm, the fact that Skovshoved would start the season in Group 2, which meant they avoided being drawn against Jammerbugt and Kilding, who had been relegated into the division, there was optimism all around the club. They had put things in place to do everything they can to avoid being dragged into a relegation fight, things such as working on zonal marking in defence, positional play was a big one as the set up required a very rigid and structured approach. The idea being that Skovshoved would be hard to beat.

Anyone outside of Skovshoved assumed they would still be the whipping boys of the league. The local media had them at 1-5 favourites to go down, but that just intensified Jock and Craig’s desire to over achieve and upset the apple cart a little bit

Once the usual pre season friendlies against local pub sides and teams with no contracted players and no hope were over and done with, Akademisk Boldklub Gladsaxe, AB for us normal speaking people, were the teams first opponents of the new season.

Skovshoved, and Dino Karjasevic in particular, certainly listened to Jocks pre game team talk when he said ‘Carry on right where we left shall we? These lot today, just like the rest of the league are going to take you lightly, they won’t be ready for us and trust me when I say if you don’t back down and you stick to the plan as discussed, we’ll win today’  as Karjasevic headed Skovshoved into the lead 24 minutes into a game they never once looked like losing. Skibsted doubled the lead minutes later and from there it was a matter of time before the 3 points were theirs. A nervy final 20 minutes might have given cause for concern, but from the goal AB scored they did exactly nothing else in the game, other than concede another Karjasevic goal to give Jock’s team an early season 3 points, and something to build on.

A win on penalties in the cup over KFUM and a 2-0 away win over B.93, one of the teams with stupid numbers in it’s name, proved the training on positional plays was working up to that point. Then the number Gods were against Skovshoved in their next game.

FA 2000, stupid name by the way, were losing 2-1 by the time the fourth official put the board up for 4 added minutes. Not only had the ref, who had clearly been bribed beforehand, gave a penalty for the most blatant dive the world had ever seen, but when FA 2000 scored their winning goal less than a minute later, Pedersen was about 3 miles offside! Jock was loath to admit Skovshoved were at fault, they most certainly were for the winner on 94 minutes, but he did his best to deflect the blame by focusing on the penalty.

‘Ray Charles could’ve seen that prick dived!’

‘You tell em boss’

‘You didn’t even touch him did you Soren’

‘No boss, I was miles away defending someone else at that time’ Soren replied

‘We were the better team by a mile in that game’

Swings and roundabouts Jock. Just as he suspected a few short weeks ago though, the rest of the league were taking Skovshoved lightly. 3 more wins to see out the first month of the new campaign left Skovshoved second in the league on 15 points. The best was yet to come though.

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