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Kaaskoppen – The Five Horsemen

Welcome back to the second post in my Kaaskoppen Football Manager 2021 series. In this post we will be taking a look at the five best players that i have at my disposal at AZ Alkmaar. Let’s get cracking!

One of the first things that i always do when i start a new save is to take a look at the team report. This way i can easily identify if i need to do any transfers or if i can just start with the players that are currently at the club. As you can see at the screenshot below every position is covered by multiple players. So there was no reason for me to do any transfers at the start of the season. Next to all of the first team players we also have quite a few decent youngsters available to us. As the main focus of this post is about The Five Horsemen (five best players) in my team we will be taking a look at those players right now!

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Horsemen #1; Marco Bizot

The first player that we are taking a look at is our 29 year old goalkeeper Marco Bizot. His career started in the Ajax youth where he spend several seasons. A loan spell at Cambuur during the 2011-2012 season saw him making seventeen appearances for that team in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie. Then he went from FC Groningen to RC Genk and eventually ended up at AZ Alkmaar at the start of the 2016-2017 season. Marco Bizot is a very important player for this team simply due to the fact that he is a solid goalkeeper. But in my opinion he is also one of the players that never really fulfilled his potential. Especially during his time at FC Groningen he was doing very very well and i expected him to go to a big club. There was even a certain period i would’ve loved to see him as the number one goalkeeper for the Dutch national team. But for some reason the big clubs stayed away and he made a transfer to Belgium team RC Genk. So to me it feels like he never got the most out of his career as goalkeeper.

Now why do i consider Marco Bizot as one of my Five Horsemen? First due to the fact that he is a veteran player in my team and secondly he is still one of the best Dutch goalkeepers around at this time. He is a real fine goalkeeper who is really good when he is keeping from his line. But he does lack the attributes to be a decent sweeper keeper so given time i will swap Bizot for another goalkeeper.

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Horsemen #2; Jonas Svensson

Our second player is the 27 year old Full-Back Jonas Svensson. He has been at AZ since the start of the 2016-2017 season. For my AZ team he is as important as Daniel Alves once was for FC Barcelona. He is a player that brings something extra to our attacking movement with his long rushes down the line. With Teamwork, Work Rate and Stamina as his best rated attributes he is a real work horse for the team who hardly ever get’s tired. In my opinion he is one of the best Full-Backs in the Eredivisie at this time and i expect great things from him. Tactically i expect him to contribute especially on the assist side of things. He has the ability to deliver proper crosses into the box and that is what i hope to achieve with my tactic that i have created for this save.

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Horsemen #3; Teun Koopmeiners

Oh Captain, My Captain! Those are exactly the right words to describe 22 year old Teun Koopmeiners. This young lad is our captain, absolute team leader and THE player that needs to keep the squad going each game. The tactic that i have created for this save, which i will share in a different post soon enough, has been evolved mostly around the skill that Teun Koopmeiners has. To me it is still amazing that no European topclub has bought him away from AZ. I will be using him as a Deep Lying Playmaker as that will get the most out of Koopmeiners his skill and attributes. Due to the fact that he can play in multiple positions as well he is the ideal player for every manager to have.

I do believe that it will be a very hard task to keep him at AZ if we have a successful first season together. He has a minimum fee release clause of only € 24,5 million in his contract which means any team can pick him up rather cheap. The biggest challenge will lie in extending his contract and getting rid off that clause or up the amount. But as AZ is not a very rich club our financial resources are limited. Luckily i always love a good challenge and this is definitely going to be one!

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Horsemen #4; Calvin Stengs

Our 4th player is Holland’s Golden Boy. At least that is how i saw Calvin Stengs before his big injury in 2017. After his comeback from that injury (he was out for 15 months or so) i haven’t seen the Stengs that i loved to watch before his injury. But now that i have taken over the reigns at AZ i hope i can guide and develop him into a world class player. Because i am still convinced he has the potential to make it into any European topclub. This player is considered one of the best in the team because he simply is attribute- and skill wise. The most important thing for me and the members of staff is to keep him fit and injury free. He used to be a wonderkid and now he has to transform into the next Arjen Robben for Holland and every team he is going to play at during this save.

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Horsemen #5; Myron Boadu

This nineteen year old wonderkid is a very exciting player. Like Teun Koopmeiner it will be a hard task to keep him at the club but we will fight for him when it’s needed. The potential this young striker has is just short of amazing. In real life he has lost his form at the moment but i am sure that i will be able to get him firing away at the Eredivisie. I have no idea which European club will eventually pick him up in real life but i do know he is our top striker over at AZ. But there lies our big problem as well. The other strikers that i have at my disposal are not off the same quality. So this means that Boadu will play a lot of games because we can’t reall miss his goalscoring abilities for too many matches.

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The above players are my key players during season one. Offcourse there are more players in the team that will contribute to the team efforts and we also have quite a few decent youngster on the way. But The Five Horsemen are the players that need to carry my AZ team to succes. In my next post we will be taking a look at the tactic that i have created during this save game. I have certainly tried to get the best out of my players with this tactic.

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I want to thank everybody for reading this post. Stay safe for now and til the next one!


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