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This is not another European Journeyman

For most FM bloggers, you tend to see people staying to what they know, mainly Europe. A lot of, if not most bloggers stick to Europe within their saves. Don’t get me wrong, right now FM has got some of the best bloggers there are (see here for the great guys here at The Cheap Seats) and have ever been. There’s loads of Discords to join, loads of YouTube channels to follow, Twitter accounts and so on.

There’s plenty of epic saves out there that stick to the formula of working your way from the bottom to the top. Some go from level 16 or wherever in England to the Prem. Some start in lower rep European leagues and bounce around until they hit the big time. One common theme I see is people starting in Northern Ireland and going from there.

Once of my favourite blogs is The Lutterworth Fox’s achievement hunter saves, found here. He goes on an epic journey with a set of aims that kept him going right to the end, and with that in mind I am doing the same, only slightly different.

I’m going to be aiming to top the hall of fame, with a couple of major rules. Firstly however is a little bit of housekeeping. This save is being played in FM 17 for a couple of reasons. The first is that this version is my favourite. Hands down. My most favourite saves and memories are from 17, not to mention some of my best newgens have come from 17.

Second is that the newer FM’s don’t run as well on my laptop, and 17 runs fine and quite quick. Don’t get me wrong, I like some of the features on the newer games such as club vision and dynamics, but they’re only cosmetic things to me really. Also with workshop databases I’ve never had an issue with any in FM17. FM18 and 19 I had some game breaking glitches on a couple, never tried any in 20. So with that out the way, the rules for the save are as follows:

The first and main one is that I will not go to any European club. None whatsoever!  I’m going for a proper challenge and going to Europe will open more doors within Europe, so I’m sticking to lower rep leagues outside of Euorpe.

The second is that I am going to be adding leagues from the workshop that are low in rep, to really give me a challenge. To give me as good a chance of getting to the top of the hall of fame, I will be adding and removing leagues as I go. I wont reveal all of the leagues I have loaded, but this save is going to be based away from Europe. I’m 100% positive that this journey is going to see me take in a number of clubs, how many that is will be anyone’s guess.

So with Lutterworth’s aims in my mind, and getting to top the hall of fame, I have some aims for the save below:

Win 5 domestic top leagues

Win a domestic double (League & Cup)

Win 10 different leagues – this can be a combination of top and lower leagues. Promotion via play offs will NOT count toward this total

Win a league / cup with a team that hasn’t won that competion

Win a continents Champions League

Win 5 continental Champions Leagues – This isn’t the Pentagon, I just want to win 5 Champions Leagues. Remember,  no Europe!

Win the Asian Champions League with a team from an added nation (workshop league)

Win the African Champions League with a team from an added nation

Win the Asian and Africa Confederations cups.

International aims:

Take a nation from an added league to the World Cup group stage

Win the African Cup of Nations

Win the AFC Cup

Hall of Fame:

Top the Hall of Fame for Australian managers (see below)

Top a continents HOF

Enter the top 20 in Worldwide HOF

Top the entire HOF

Become favoured personnel at 3 clubs

Become icon at 4 clubs

Become legend at 3 clubs

My main aim is to manage in the lower rep leagues, gain some competition wins and climb that hall of fame slowly but surely. I will be going down the usual start unemployed with no coaching badges and Sunday League rep route and seeing where it takes me.

I like to write, so I will be putting in some narrative into this save, much like my boy Seattle Red has on his current save, The Fourth Glass found here.

So with that all out of the way, at the start of the game for Australian managers, the top 3 of Ange Postecoglu, Ernie Merrick & Tony Popovic have 0 domestic cups, 10 leagues, 1 international and 2 other club trophies between them.

In the world-wide HOF, some guy named Alex Ferguson sits top with 17 league titles, 14 cups, & 8 other club trophies. Pep is second with 7 leagues, 4 cups and 7 other club trophies. Jose is third with 8 leagues, 4 cups and 7 other club trophies.

The rest of the top 20 is a who’s who of football managers.

Our subject, Vince Lloyd of Brisbane Australia. No experience and no badges.

As noted above I won’t say exactly what leagues I have loaded from the start but I will say when I add a new league. But I am a bit pedantic with my FM saves, and I will absolutely not manage any team that I don’t have the badge for, and with the logo pack I have installed, unfortunately there are quite a few teams that don’t have badges, mainly lower rep sides. Kits I can do without but have added the kits for nations where I have found some, however some kits are from both older seasons as well as this year.

Next post – We’re not going on a European adventure

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