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Fabrikken: Building Ballon

As we are spending our time in Denmark in this version of FM, I’ve been keeping an eye on Danish football and I saw this item pop up

Danish side FC Midtjylland intend to have a player win the Ballon d’Or within a decade

Well, I can’t let this happen. Not on my watch. So, we’re on our way back to Denmark for a new save in which we will attempt to usurp their plan and groom a Ballon d’Or winner within a 10 year period.

How we are going to do this? Simple. We’re taking Brøndbyernes Idrætsforening and pumping a ton of money into their facilities to bring them all up to 20 for the start of the season.

The structure of the save will be different to my usual save, as I’ll only be concentrating on the youth prospects in the club. I’ll give a review of the season etc, but it’ll purely be focused on the youth players coming through and the highlighted ones who have left. So, enough talk. Let’s go! Welcome to Fabrikken!

U-19 Focus

1. Mathias Kvistgaarden (18, ST) The brightest star in the, sadly, below-average U-19 side. A talented young player, his First Touch, Technique, Composure and Decisions are all pretty good for a player at his level and age, which to me, suggests that he’d be a brilliant DLF or F9 in the side. Of course, I’ll have to set the team up with a formation that will use him. I’m not enamoured of his Pace, Acceleration or Work Rate however. These are things I would like to be a lot better, as I intend to run a faster style of play.

2. Laurids Brandt Andersen (18, DM/M/AMC) The next man up in the U-19 side. A decent Deep Lying Playmaker or Attacking Midfielder, albeit one in the Andrea Pirlo mold as his Acceleration, Stamina and Strength is horrific. His Passing, Technique and Decisions are the best thing about him, if nothing much else is. He could improve, but I’m not holding out hope.

3. Louis Christoffersen (17, DM/MC) He’s got three stars for potential, but that’s about it for him. His Pace, Agility & Acceleration are good for a 17 year old and his First Touch is immense. His Work Rate, Aggression and Determination are a decent level too. He needs to be trained in the Ball Winning Midfielder role.

The U-19 side is a side bare of much in the way of talent, so we need to make sure that we get the best U-18 coaches available and hope we can improve quickly.

Brondby IF II Focus

Jagvir Sidhu (19, M/AMRC) The best prospect in the B Team. His First Touch, Dribbling, Technique, Passing, Decisions and Vision are excellent for his level. The huge, huge, huge issue is his Pace and Acceleration, which is appalling for an attacking midfielder. He’ll go on the individual training for quickness ASAP and we’ll see how quick he’ll improve.

Brondby IF Focus

1. Jesper Lindstrom (20, ML/AMLC/ST) Now we’re into the first team prospects. Jesper is an average talent, but possibly too old to really be able to go higher than Brondby or a mid-range European side. He’ll survive as the main winger, but how he develops will be a marker for how our coaches develop players.

2. Morten Frendrup (19, DM/MC) Again, another average player, but his youth and position should be an advantage. His Work Rate, Tackling, Marking and Determination mark him out as being our starting DM, but he’s not likely to go further and certainly not to the Ballon d’Or


U-19 Coaching Focus

For a start, we need to sign two Performance Analysts and then sack our entire staff, as we will only tolerate the best coaches here. New manager, new broom!

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