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The World Is Not Enough – FM 21 Joint Save HQ

The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.

Welcome, one and all, to the Headquarters of what should prove to be a delightfully-insane joint save featuring a number of FM bloggers from the FM Bloggers discord, each of whom will be taking a turn in a journeyman, “pass the parcel” save.

The goal? Win the Champions League on 5 continents with our manager, Pierce Bomboclat.

It takes a bold man to pull off an orange suit. Pierce is nothing if not bold… Is ‘bold’ the right word?

(PSA: If you are a blogger and would like to join the discord, please send a DM to LutterworthFox or SeattleRed.)

This post will serve as the Headquarters for the save, with all the information you need to follow along.

Game Structure / Rules.

As indicated above, this is going to be a joint save, aka a pass-the-parcel save — not a “community save” along the lines of Marcus Wedau‘s Danske Danske save.

What’s the difference? The nuances of the two approaches are described in the LutterworthFox’s A-Z Series – It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Blurst Of Times.

For our purposes, the participants in this save will be taking turns, attempting to complete a “tiered” Pentagon Challenge with an Achievement Hunter component.

The purpose of combining these approaches are three-fold: (1) to give the save overall structure, for both the short and long term; (2) while also allowing for each season to meaningfully contribute to the save (instead of just being one step towards a long-distant glory, that only one person gets to claim); and (3) to provide variety over the course of the save without a bloated save file.

The essential structure and rules for the save are as follows, as set and voted on by the participants.

  • The first player will start unemployed, and must join a club in a Tier 1 country.
    • You cannot manage a club that has won its respective Champions League.
    • If you are sacked, you can only join a club in the same Tier (or a lower Tier).
    • Once you win the Champions League, you can move to another club in the same Tier.
    • You can only move to the next Tier when the current Tier is complete.
    • Each person plays one full season before passing the save file to the next person. (Determining what constitutes a “full season” may be situation-dependent. But, generally, this will be one calendar year.)
  • There are 3 Tiers, which have to be completed in order:
    • Tier 1: Africa, Asia & North America, with one active nation per continent.
    • Tier 2: South America, with 2 active nations.
    • Tier 3: Europe, with 3 active nations.
    • The active nations were voted on by participants. We also voted on whether to activate South Africa or use an editor file to activate another African league (and, if so, which league). In the end, the votes were clear, and we will be traveling to:
      • Tier 1: Ghana, Australia and Canada
      • Tier 2: Uruguay and Colombia
      • Tier 3: Greece, Belgium and Sweden
    • Only the top tier will be loaded in each nation, to ensure the save file is lean.
  • National team management is not permitted (by vote of the participants).
  • Use of the in-game editor and third-party editors is prohibited, by vote of the participants. The in-game editor is blocked.
  • Fog of War is enabled, by vote of the participants.
  • Each player has 10 days to complete his turn, by vote of the participants. Obviously, we all play at different speeds. That’s fine. Also, life sometimes keeps us from playing unexpectedly. Again, that’s fine. This is intended to be a guideline for the longest it will take someone to play a full season and pass the file on, under normal circumstances. This is not a hard deadline. If someone reaches the “deadline,” but are actively playing the game and making progress towards completing his turn, he will be given a reasonable amount of time to do so. No one wants to be the bad guy — adhering to this time limit is simply a question of respecting the save and everyone else’s commitment to it, and making sure that people are not waiting too long for their next turn.
    • A corollary to this “soft,” 10-day time limit is recognition that joint saves work when there is momentum — when things are happening, and there is less time between turns. By committing to participate in the save, you are agreeing that when it’s your turn, you will make the joint save a priority during your FM time. It does not have to be the priority, but it is a matter of respecting the fact that this isn’t your personal save. (If you need to pass on your turn or defer it for a few weeks due to other commitments, that is obviously fine. Just say so!)
    • Keep in mind that if everyone takes the full 10 days, there will be more than 3 months between each person’s turn. That is a long time. However, the time will pass quickly if there’s regular activity so that everyone can get (and stay!) involved and excited about where the save is going. That momentum is critical. Stagnation is death to a joint save.
  • We will holiday out 2 years, by vote of the participants, to ensure a unique gameplay environment.
  • There is no hard-and-fast rule about when to move to another club. Everyone should able to play their way and leave their mark on the save, so long as we’re all pulling in the same direction towards the same medium-term and long-term goals.  That means people don’t launch off in a random direction just because they feel like it.  Again, it’s about respecting the save and contributions of others.
  • Each manager must post semi-regular updates during their turn. This can be done on the #joint-save channel on the FM Bloggers discord, which can also be a clearinghouse for general discussion. However, on your turn, you can and should feel free to post on your blog (which will be linked below), use the joint save hashtag (#TheWorldIsNotEnoughFM), stream it, do an interpretive dance…whatever you like, so long as you keep the other participants posted on what’s happening during your turn.

If a situation arises during the save that require a firm hand to weigh in, and consensus about how to handle it cannot be reached as a group, SeattleRed and LutterworthFox will have the final word. I don’t expect it will come to this, but it is something we should establish now, instead of changing the rules midstream.

Participants / Order of Play.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this a bit deeper — who exactly is joining in, and what’s the order of play?

  1. Wynter (Blog, Twitter)
  2. FMAdvancedPlaymaker (Blog, Twitter)
  3. CoxieFM (Blog, Twitter)
  4. LutterworthFox (Blog, Twitter)
  5. Marcus Wedau (Blog, Twitter)
  6. Mikaelinho (Blog, Twitter)
  7. MyFMStory (Blog, Twitter)
  8. Benjoe (Blog, Twitter)
  9. Burt (Blog, Twitter)
  10. SeattleRed (Blog, Twitter)
The 1st XI is looking lean and mean, folks.

Note: at this time, to ensure the save continues to move smoothly and without long delays between turns, we are not adding new participants to the above group.

That may change in the future, if/when we have a reason to make “new signings.” If you would like to be considered as a potential addition, please send a DM to LutterworthFox or SeattleRed so we can put your name on the list!

Current Status / Achievement Hunter, In-Game Records / Seasonal Updates.

This is what you’re here for, more likely than not.

How is the save going? Where do things currently sit?

Wynter kicked us off, with Pacific FC on scenic Vancouver Island, in July 2022, and we’ve continued from there.

Partner Profile: Pacific FC - Victoria Beer Week
The journey begins here. We stand on guard for thee, Canada.

Follow along using the joint save hashtag (#TheWorldIsNotEnoughFM), through the blog posts linked below, or just review the summary information!

Pacific FC (2022 – 2025), Liberty Professionals (2025-26), Adelaide United (2027-30), Cape Coast Mysterious Dwarfs (2031-36), Junior FC (2036-ongoing)

My name is Pierce Bomboclat, King of Football. Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair! Nothing beside remains. Round the decay of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare the lone and level sands stretch far away.

I’m not sure what to do with my hands.

Player Hall of Fame.

We’ve all had players in CM/FM that we’ve built teams around, conquered the world with. Players integral to the journey, in one way, shape or form.

This section of the Headquarters is dedicated to those players. The ones we couldn’t live without. Who are worth remembering, long after the last ball (or opponent) has been kicked in anger. Whose names will be written across the history of this save in indelible ink.

Connor Clark, Adelaide United

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