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The Colombians have arrived

Welcome to Alvaro Gaviria, CS Marítimo.

A good-looking young chap, but definitely got a lot of work to do in the coaching department.

Having finished distinctly mid-table last season, the club are expected to repeat the same again. Clearly it’s an exciting time to be a Maritimo fan.

A few modifications have been made to the Club culture and expectations – it’s time for a Colombian revolucion in Madeira!

Now as they say, there’s never a good time to replace half your staff, but there’s probably never a bad time for it either. So a number of people have been shown the door, and replaced primarily with Colombian compatriots of Alvaro. Approximately $150k makes it’s way back to the motherland as compensation fees and what not – let the games begin!

Fun fact – the man who’s job Alvaro took over was none other than Marco Silva of ex Everton fame – how the mighty have fallen.

Here’s the reformed backroom staff after the, ahem, adjustments have been made.

Coaching staff

Medical staff

Recruitment staff

The first transfer window was not hugely busy – in fact there was more money that came into the club’s coffers than went out. It will naturally take some time for the flows to settle into place, as explained to Alvaro.

That being said, Ronaldo Ariza still becomes the club record signing at a whopping £575k. He will definitely be expected to make an impact from the get go.

Brayan Gil is a Salvador international who was also plying his trade in Colombia – hopefully he can continue his development at the club. The third signing, Diego Moreno, was primarily a result of Alvaro’s over-excitement to find a Colombian already at the club with his loan deal due to expire in a day’s time – owing to which he was hastily signed without realizing that he is, in fact, a bit rubbish.

The most interesting story from the player departures was goalkeeper Amir Abedzadeh’s decision to move to Al-Sadd over Premier League side Fulham – clearly for purely footballing reasons that.

The playing squad that will begin a new era for CS Marítimo – the old club culture of signing Brazilian players very evident – but we have some decent Colombian representation going already.

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