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I was born for this.

1st Feb 2022 – Alvaro Gaviria is called in for a mid-season review meeting with Chairman Carlos Pereira.

“Yes Alvaro. How are things? Seems to be going quite well no?”

“You can say that again! This management lark seems to be quite easy – I don’t know why people spend years preparing for it.”

“Glad you are finding it so – that being said I hope you are completing your coaching badges because it’s important for appearance sake (and also your training attributes).”

“Absolutely yes – I am already up to a National B license, and will be a so-called Pro in no time. We’ve been flying in the league as you know, we have a real shot at a top 3 place and qualifying for the Champions League, which would be way ahead of schedule.”

“The boss will be pleased if you can accomplish that – it will certainly help fast-track our plans. Speaking of which, I know you weren’t given much to spend in your first year but I am glad you brought in some good players from back home. The free transfers were a great idea actually – the hefty amounts paid in agent fees made life easier for us. More of the same please.”

“In two transfer windows I’ve already brought in 10 players from Colombia and 1 from Senegal! Not sure how much more I can be doing – it will disrupt the balance of the team.”

“Doesn’t matter – sell a few players, or send out some on loan. We need to maintain constant movement. You know what the brief is. But, great job so far. And before I let you go, I have some more news which you may enjoy. The boss has sanctioned improvements in the training & youth facilities of the club. Unsurprisingly, the contract has been given to a Colombian company with little (read, no) experience in the area, so don’t expect the world.”

“That is good news indeed. I’ll be in touch. Hopefully we can keep this up!”

It’s certainly been a strong start to life at CS Maritimo. Early exits in both cups notwithstanding, the league form is nothing to be scoffed at.

A slight blip at the turn of the year, but we are getting our form back.
Which leaves us in the heady heights of 2nd place in the league table, but we have Benfica & Vitoria breathing over our shoulders.
Jorge Correa, an Argentinian already at the club, is our stand-out player so far.
The January transfer window as already mentioned was fairly eventful, with primarily a number of free signings from Colombia.

The headline transfers in were the wonderfully named Jeisson and Yeison who are both expected to make an instant impact in the first team.

And finally the recently sanctioned training & youth facility improvements by the board, although it’s anyone’s guess how much of that will actually be going into the work.

That’s that for now from the Colombian revolucion at CS Maritimo in Madeira – hopefully Alvaro & his merry band can finish the season strongly and secure European qualification for the club!

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