In corruption, the foundations need to be built

‘I didn’t know who else to turn to’

‘You’ve done the right thing coming to me’

‘Can you help me?’

‘Me and my associates have helped companies all across the world, companies in much worse situations than yours’

‘We’re not a company we’re a football team’

‘Yes but you are a company still. Before we go any further, explain to me how the team got into this mess’

‘As you’re aware last season we’d been promoted. We had to do everything we could to stay in the league, so I made a few mistakes’ Antonio Aayate, the man speaking allowed himself a moment before continuing.

‘We’d been approached by some people who, and they pointed out they were apparently friends with the Spanish FA Chairman. They assured me there was room to get some favorable decisions our way last season. I declined at first, but the men told me they’d found out about some of my early business dealings, years before I was ever the chairman of a football club’

‘So they bribed you?’

‘Yes in a way’

‘Go on’

‘So I had agreed to pay them to fix matches for us. The total I spent was over 30 thousand Euro, but the money I got for keeping the club in the league was a lot more than that. In the press they said I had bribed officials twice, yet the total number of matches fixed in our favour was actually 11, and in those 11 games we won them all’

‘I understand completely. Now let me explain a little bit about myself and my associates. Whilst you will still be officially known as the chairman, I will bring in my own people to oversee the process from the start. All decisions will be made by us and put into motion by our staff’

‘I don’t know if I’m comfortable giving up authority’

‘It’s your call but remember it was you who contacted me. I will say this, my associates have contacts at various other leagues around Europe and have a wide network of people involved with the family. When we come in, I won’t guarantee success from day one, but we will do absolutely everything in our power to ensure the team stays in the league this season, and from there we’ll be using the club as a vessel to make money for all involved’

Antonio Aayate pondered it for a moment and continued ‘Okay. Explain to me the people who are coming in to my club and in what capacity’

‘With pleasure. The bosses back home will pick someone to come in and oversee things at ground level, in a director of football type of role.  They’ll appoint someone at board level as well to get the plans from the clubs side of things in motion. With regards to player personnel, that’ll be discussed back home’

‘And the manager, is he staying?’

‘Absolutely not. We need to be seen as making changes to rectify the clubs wrongs from last season. We will need someone with no baggage, and who won’t bring any unwanted attention. You know what’s at stake here’

Antonio nodded, and said ‘I do and that’s why I reached out to you’

As that conversation was going on in a small café in downtown Madrid, another was also taking place roughly 1,400 miles away in Motherwell, Scotland

‘You know I’m good for it’

‘How? You’re the most annoying person I’ve ever met, and I’m a drug dealer and career criminal, so that’s saying something!’

‘Like I told you, I’ve got a new job up Glasgow ain’t I’

‘Jock, it’s coaching some Sunday League team, it’s not exactly Rangers is it’

‘Fuck Rangers! Sorry, force of habit’ Jock replied before continuing ‘Look Sir Alex started off somewhere shite, East Kilbride, East something-or-other before he made it big, and I bet he’s a multi trillionaire now!’

‘If you’re trying to tell me that I’ve got to wait until you’re 70 and retired before I get my money back then you’ve got another thing coming!’

‘Come on, it’s only 4 grand’

‘Yes but it’s not your 4 grand is it! You know the people I work for they’re not the friendly type’

‘I don’t see the big deal, it was just a bad bet that’s all, and you’re not exactly broke are ya, you don’t need it back that bad’

‘It’s been 6 months Jock, the people I work for want it back not me. Anyway, who in their right mind puts a 4 grand bet on a 50-1 horse that’s racing it’s last race before being retired?’

Jock McGhee just stood there with a big grin as Davie Jamison just shook his head. ‘1 week Jock, that’s all the time I can hold off for before the lunatics come calling for your head’

Jock wasn’t lying when he said he’s got a new job. Saint Andrews FC are a Sunday League team playing in the doldrums of Scottish football. Jock was hired as a last resort to become a coach, based on his days playing in the same league before retiring. He retired due to, well he said a bad back but everyone knew it was because he an abysmal player.

At this point, you should review our story so far. There is a club that has been docked points and in a pretty dire situation. Then we have a no hope coach in debt to some gangsters looking for their money back.

You know where this is going don’t you.

Next chapter – Putting the wheels in motion

This is the newest story of Jock McGhee as he embarks on his journey as a football manager. There are no hard and fast rules to the save. Although most of it is narrative driven and everything that happens within (results, relegations / promotions) all happen in game.

I have made a couple of changes to the database before starting. Nothing to give me an unfair advantage or put the computer at a disadvantage, all changes were done to support the narrative.

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