Putting the wheels in motion

‘We need somebody with no baggage and who won’t bring any unwanted media attention to the club. Any ideas’ Angel Moretti asked the other men sat around the table in English.

There were a couple of murmurs and some names mentioned, but Angel dismissed them all ‘No they won’t do, they’re all experienced and know what goes on. We need someone with no managerial experience, but someone that does have a background in football. That way the media won’t feel the need to investigate the appointment, there must be someone in our network that fits the description?’

After a few moments in silence, one of the men spoke up ‘Now that you mention it, this might be a long shot, but one of the loan sharks on the streets mentioned to me he has a client that’s a coach at a local side’

‘Okay this is promisinig, where at?’



‘Yes. Motherwell to be exact. He’s a…

Angel interrupted ‘How have you got a guy in Scotland pushing money? In fact that doesn’t matter, I didn’t even know you had guys there. Make the call, tell your man we’re coming to Scotland’

‘I’m on it’.

3 days later

After that day’s training session Jock was sat in the trainers room at Saint Andrews working men’s club, where his team trained every other day. There was a knock on the door, and by the time he looked up he saw Davie hovering behind 3 tall intimidating foreign looking men. The man at the front of the 3 spoke first ‘Jock, I believe you owe me some money’

‘Whoa I can explain, I just haven’t been able to get away from here. The clubs in the Champions League, I mean Championship, the locals I mean Glasgow county championships, we’ve lost 4 on the bounce but we’re improving…’ Jock was cut off

‘How would like to make a step up from coach here in Scotland to first team manager at a club I work at?

‘Look I can get you the money its just, hang on what!?’

‘You’re perfect for the project my bosses are involved with at the minute. Can you manage a team?

The look in the mans eyes said that any answer other than a resounding yes would turn out to be the wrong one ‘Yes, of course. I’ve read a book by Alex Ferguson, I know everything he knows’ Jock was lying in case you hadn’t guessed.

‘Well it’s settled then. Pack a bag, you’re coming to Madrid’

‘WOW really? Madrid!?

‘Yes, Madrid. Oh and you’re to come alone, no women’

Jock didn’t really know what was going on, but on the way his conscious started speaking to him. So you owe some drug dealing loan shark 4 grand, and instead of paying them back they are taking you to Spain to become a football manager, does that not sound a bit strange to you? No, why? I’m doing a cracking job here at Saint Andrews. You’re stupid, 3 big units come looking for money you owe them and instead of asking for it they want to take you to SPAIN, you know hundreds of miles away where they can do what they want with you. Oh shit, I never thought of it like that.

After the drive to Glasgow airport and flight to Madrid, Jocks mind was surprisingly at ease. If this is how it ends, at least I’m in a nicer place than Glasgow were his thoughts. But he was on the phone to a guy called Angel who seemed really assuring in his words.

‘You’re coming into the club and you’ll do what we say. This is going to benefit us both in multiple ways Jock’

‘Okay, but how?’

‘Well we’re installing a new manager with no reputation and with a lot to prove, no please don’t interrupt me, and the club finds itself in a unique position. We don’t want any fanfare and we just want to go about things quietly. The way it benefits you is you’re getting your first start in management, you’re getting paid well, we’ll sort the accommodation for you, and if it all goes well here then my associates back home can help you go places in football. Any questions?’

‘Yeah, what’s this unique position you mentioned, and who’s the associates?

‘My associates run things from Rome. We have a lot of business interests all around Europe, and we’ve got contacts at many football clubs. Do well here Jock and our bosses can help open doors up for you’

‘Okay, but the unique position?’

‘The club you’re taking over are the team that are favourites for relegation, and they have an 18 point deduction to start the season’


Next chapter – I don’t speak Spanglish. I’m Scottish, if you didn’t know

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