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The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference

We left Jock and the Skovshoved lads third in the league and looking good. But despite a poor run of form, 1 win in 6 to be precise, the Skovshoved board were still happy with the way things were going at the club. Easily impressed I guess.

It was during this poor run of form we held our first team meeting to address the clubs form ‘I guess I’m sworn to carry your burdens eh lads?’ Silence. Not a peep. The feeling was the Scotsman was talking some Scottish lingo ‘The poor form. You need to step it up, don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better! 

It worked as the next 3 games yielded 7 points, and 2 goals conceded. This was bittersweet for the heroes of Skovshvoed, as these 3 games took us to the winter break, meaning there are no games until March now. 

But there’s no rest for the wicked, or the players of Skovshoved, as training is scheduled for every week during the break. Why? Well this cub is still expected to get relegated, so doing all I can to ensure that doesn’t happen, but if it does then they’ll say that that Jock was clever, If we go down, then we go down together. No excuses, this is SPARTA! Sorry, Skovshoved. 

The UK left the EU in January as well.  

This won’t affect us at the minute, it might never affect Jock as we might not get back to the UK as a club manager. It may affect us in league with EU player rules though.

The extra training seemed to have worked as well, or the fact that Jock was reluctant to rotate the squad much, as they’re all seemingly clicking together heading into the second half of the season, in which they were unbeaten in 6.

The winter break wasn’t kind on Jock and the Skovshoved boys, oh no. Despite gaining those little lines between each other & despite being proficient in the formation, they just couldn’t get a win for love nor money.

And trust me, Jock tried bribing the refs a couple of times. Luckily for him they thought he was joking. Sadly, he wasn’t.

7 to go, and a top half finish isn’t really out of the question. After (yet) another team meeting where Jock had tried to motivate the team, they did rally somewhat, gaining back to back draws, 2-2 with Roskilde & 0-0 with FA 2000.

FA 2000 were unlucky to draw really. They were, oh what is it? You know what I hate? Being interrupted? Lol, no, not that. I hate teams with numbers in their name, don’t you? I’d not really thought about it, why? I dunno, it just grinds my gears, why would a team want to have numbers in it’s name? Is there actually a place called FA 2000 in Denmark? I doubt it. So why are they called that then? Listen, can we discuss this another time, we’ve got a big bit of news to speak about. Have we?? Yes, you know what it is **whispers off screen** Ahh yes, of course, as you were Mister Narrator.

Pardon the interruption, but after those back to back draws, Jock and the boys were feeling quite good about themselves, and about progressing from then on. The board however had other ideas. After the next game, at home to Vestsjaelland, Jock was summoned to a board meeting

‘Well you can’t sack me’

‘Yes we can’

‘No you can’t

‘Yes we can’

‘No you can’t. I don’t know who you’ll get in that’s better than me’

Next chapter – Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better.

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