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If you don’t see the bottom, don’t wade.

Before the first of the final 4 games Jock held a team meeting. ‘4 games to save yourselves. 4 games left to save the season. 12 invaluable points up for grabs. I haven’t come here to go down again. Do not for one minute think any of you are too good to go down. You’ve got yourselves into this mess, and it’s up to….Yes Michael what is it?’

‘I’ve only just joined the club, I’ve played 18 minutes of football here, I didn’t get the club into this mess’ Michael Khazzoum, new signing said, much to the disdain of his colleagues.

‘Well no, you’re right’ Jock said, but took a moment to continue. ‘The right words escape me at the minute, but I brought you here to compliment the rest of the squad. So knuckle down and get us out of this mess instead of taking the high ground!’

Khazzoum was taken aback by this, but young players need to be told bluntly at times.

The rousing speech certainly worked, as bottom of the league IK Amal found out. A steady first half for both teams as they went in to the break at 0-0, but from the first whistle of the second half to the full time whistle Tord absolutely dominated. 4 second half goals which were more than deserved showed Jock just what this team were capable of.

‘Where has that performance been? If you played like that every week you’d be pushing for promotion, not fighting relegation!’ were the words at full time.

That win took Tord out of the automatic relegation places, albeit temporarily

3 more games to save the season then. Grebbestads IF were formidable opponents, absolutely decimating the Tord players 5-2. There was one saving grace however and that was that Vanersborgs also got thumped, 4-0 at home to Motala, which kept the gap between the sides to 4 points with 2 to play

The next game was as topsy turvy as they come. An early Oksuz goal was well taken but by half time the score was 2-1 in Karlslunds favour. Both teams putting on a real show and going for the win. Karlslunds took a 3-1 advantage with just under 30 minutes to play.

Lidkopings were doing their best to help Tord stay up by also losing 3-1. ‘Why the fuck are you like this? You’re better than this? Sander, get in the box will ya, we won’t score unless you’re at least looking like you give a shit!’

Jock’s latest attempt at a rallying cry, and once again his words had the desired affect. Straight from kick off they managed to pull it back to 3-2. A long ball up over the defence was headed down by Oksuz into the path of Sander August who tapped it home.

The fight back was complete less than 7 minutes later as the Oksuz / Sander combo paid off again. August Sander causing problems off the ball as a defender slipped on his way to challenge the through ball which Oksuz controlled with his left and buried with his right. 3-3 and all to play for.

Of Tord’s 20 shots, 9 were on target. 4 of Karlslunds shots had been on target, and the match up to this point, all things considered could be described as being controlled by Tord. As soon as Jock had said this to Mikael, Karlslunds were back in the league. A short corner wasn’t dealt with and one of the defenders headed the ball home at the far post with 10 to play.

Clearly dejected from that fourth goal, the Tord players were holding on from then on, and could’ve conceded again had it not been for Claesson in goal.

Tord now have 1 game to save their season, and somewhat fortuitously it is against Lidkopings, who are 1 place above them, but with a higher goal difference.

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