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The IK Tord five

‘Remember a few weeks ago when I said I had a grand plan?

‘Yes Jock, I was going to ask you about that’ Jesper Larsson, the clubs chairman replied

‘Well, as you know there’s not much money here, so with that in mind I am going to be building the team around a core of 5 players who are going to make an impact and take this club places’ Jock said enthusiastically

‘Okay, which 5 players are they? And before you continue, what do you need from me?’

‘Oh you’ve already provided me with the first piece of the puzzle’

What Jock meant was 3 days ago Mikael Eriksson had left the club as assistant manager. Not saying much to Jock on his way out, kukhuvud and sticka were words he used when leaving, and Jock needed a new assistant manager, of which 1 was close by.

‘What do you think of Konan the Barbarian?’

‘Barbarian boss?’

‘Yes, the forward in the reserves? He was the first thing you mentioned when you got here yesterday’

‘Oh, Ladji, yes, he very good, score lots of goals’

That was the clubs new assistant manager, Pascal Ekra, who is from the Ivory Coast. No one knows why he was at the club, or who offered him the job, but here he was with a clipboard in hand and a pen with green ink (green ink!!) making notes

Two things about our new assistant manager are key here moving forward. First is he’s Ivorian. You’ve said that already. Alright smart arse give me chance to continue. So he’s from the Ivory Coast which is going to play a part in Tords season. The next are his 2 favoured formations, 5-2-2-1 & 5-3-2. So? What do you mean so? You’re going to be using them from now on aren’t you! Am I, I mean yes of course I am! Right, can you go away now, I’ve a lot to get through.

Sorry about him. Anyway so Pascal here brings with him knowledge of the Ivory Coast which gave Jock a new development. In the Tord reverses was a player by the name of Ladji Koffi-Konan who was born in Sweden but is eligible for the Ivorians. Not only did Pascal know about him from the Ivory Coast under 20’s, of which young Ladji had played twice for, he was at the club but wasn’t brought to Jocks attention. Something about the development center on the left, Jock hadn’t paid it much attention.

However if there was ever a prototype to build a team around, then this guy was it!

17 years old and get a load of those physicals. He’s already 6 foot 1 tall and the size of a pick up truck wide as it is, we might be seeing 20’s in all physicals before long!

This was one of the players Jock’s team would be built around and just check out those physcials. At just 17 years old, this kid could become the center piece of the club for a long time. Add to that he’s playing under 21’s for the Ivorians, although he’s not declared for either them or his nation of birth Sweden yet, he’s definitely got something about him.

The next of the 5 is someone Jock signed during the off season. Morten Christensen was top of the class at Skovshoved last year and he and Jock hit it off. He’s signed on a free and the potential in him is the reason why he was signed

His role is simple, come off the bench when either the game is won or there’s no chance of reclaiming anything, start the odd game here and there and see how he progresses. But he’s got potential and with a bit of luck and hard work, he could become a first teamer.

Player number 3 of the fab five is newly appointed captain and first choice goal keeper Fredrik Claesson      

Not the best in the world but in Jocks mind he’s a steady hand, capable of keeping Tord competitive and stable until they make it up the leagues.

We’ve already touched on main player number 4, Isaaq Raghe Johansson, affectionally known as Radgy

Rock solid at the back for the most part up to now, but he needs some help at the back in the new look set up explained later on.

For the final piece of the puzzle, the long term plan, Jock turned to Pascal and Konan the Barbarian for advice

‘I know just the guy’ Pascal said

‘You do?’

‘I do’


‘Enzo Schreiber. He is playing in the Ivory under 20’s. He very good friend of Ladji’

‘That’s good enough for me Pascal, make the call’

‘No need, he’s here now. Outside waiting to meet you’

He’s from the Ivory Coast but is white, a rare thing to see, I think. Anyway the coaches at Tord, well mainly just Pascal, think he’s got bags of potential. Not to mention how versatile he is. Another intriguing player, high hopes are placed on all 5 of these lads shoulders.

Complimenting the players came in another 5 players, all of which will start.

Left full back Nikola Jevric, center half Isak Orn Einarsson, right full back Enrique Cunningham, central midfielder Amel Rastoder & forward Stanley Ukwoma.

All have a role to play, and as you’ll find out soon, all play their roles quite well.

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