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There should be no triumph, before the victory

Freddy stood and stared nervously as the clock ticked ever closer to the 90 minute mark. He looked to his assistant manager and asked ‘do you think we need to try anything else? 5 defenders? 1 striker?’ but before Innocent Ladouce could reply the ref had blown the whistle, but not for full time.

Mussard was running toward the touchline arms aloft and smiling. He’d just tapped in from close range to give Northern Dynamo a very unlikely point in the game with La Passe. The 1 person in attendance must’ve been ecstatic at the football on show.

That point gained was dearly needed as Dynamo now had the Seychellois League Cup coming up, and they were drawn in group B

A cup run is both unwanted and not exactly helpful as Dynamo and Freddy Adu have 1 thing on their mind and that is survival, but a good showing in this cup might transition into some good performances in the league.

Freddy and Innocent worked out that the cup could be a way to experiment with tactics in the hope something sticks, and they secure survival off of the back of it. Heading into the first game against Lightstars they went with a 4-4-1-1 set up and limited Lightstars to 3 shots on target, which were comfortably saved. At the other end, Maria cut an isolated figure as Barra in the hole behind the striker looked lost in a drab 0-0 draw. It was scrapped for the next game.

A 5-3-2 set up was also scrapped as by half time in the next game against Cote d’Or, Dynamo were losing 3-0. The game ended 4-1. They finally found a set up that stuck, 4-2-4 with the back 4 staying back at all times and the full team in a structured set up. Back to back 2-1 wins over St John’s & St Louis meant this formation as here to stay, for now.

Revengers were the next to succumb to the new set up as they were beaten from behind 3-1 in a very even game, but also the best showing in Freddy’s time so far. League leaders, and Freddy’s first opponents as a manager St Michel were up next in the quarter final. No big tactical meeting was needed, as Freddy told the Dynamo players the pressure is all on St Michel and to go out there and play their natural game.

The laid back approach worked, as Dynamo actually controlled most of the game, despite conceding early on and conceding after taking the lead, but the performance was promising.

There’s no away goal rule in the Seychellois league cup, not that it mattered by the end of the second leg. Again the pre match words were simple, don’t overthink things and just play football. Freddy thought St Michel were firmly concentrating on the league as they went down in a poor showing, 2-0 to Dynamo.

‘Well done everyone, you’ve surprised me getting to the final. Now before we…’ Freddy started as the team were in the dressing room after the second leg

‘Don’t say it boss, we know we’re going to win this game’ Gino Barra, 17 year old forward said

‘I like the enthusiasm Gino, but it’s going to be tough, we’ve got…’ Freddy started, bur was cut off again

‘It’s fine, we’re playing well, Foresters won’t know what hit them when I step on the field’ the young forward said as he stood up and walked to the showers

‘He’s pissing me off’ Freddy said to no one in particular

Foresters needed penalties to make their way to the final, but nonetheless they’re there on merit, as are Dynamo.

Survival in the league is mission objective number one, but they’ve stumbled on a 4-2-4 set up that has got them to a cup final. Win or lose, it’s bound to help in the survival quest, maybe, hopefully.

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