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Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

‘I was thinking with survival claimed with a game to spare we could discuss extending my stay with the club, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s in everyone’s best interests’ Freddy said to club chairman Hugo Zalor. But before Hugo could continue Freddy himself continued ‘I won us the cup when we had no right to do so, got us to the semi of the other cup and if it wasn’t for the ref in that game we’d have been in the final’

Freddy was staking his claim for an extension to his contract which ran out in a few weeks time. He was correct in everything he was saying. He guided the team to a 9th place finish in the league on 26 points, 7 above relegation, which is no mean feat considering where the team were when he took over.

The league cup win was a pleasant and surprising result, but with league safety not confirmed at that time Freddy and the Northern Dynamo players hadn’t really celebrated that win. The ref had an appalling game in the FA Cup semi in which he chalked off 2 goals for Dynamo, which really changed the game. The Dynamo players heads all dropped, and they caved in.

Something Freddy hadn’t realised until now is that he’s hardly spoke to the Dynamo chairman at all in the 6 months he’s been here. But during this rare conversation with the man in charge of the club, Freddy dreamt of taking Dynamo to the dizzy heights of, well, above 9th in the league initially but then, then the world is his ashtray, or oyster, or however the song goes. Despite it being a far cry from places such as Benfica, DC United and Real Salt Lake where he plied some of his playing trade, it was a job in management and a job so far well done, or so he thought.

Hugo leaned back in the chair on the other side of the table, stroked his chin, eyes firmly on Freddy and said ‘I told you this was a 6 month deal, take it or leave it, and you took it’

‘Yes, but that was before I won the cup and survi….’ Hugo cut him off

‘6 months Frederick, 6 months, and you’ve got 4 weeks left’

Freddy was trying to convince himself to try and convince Hugo to keep him on, but felt he was fighting a losing battle ‘If I can win the league cup, get to the semi of the FA cup and get fucked over by the ref, I’m sure with a full pre season with the team I can do better than I already have’

Hugo stood his ground ‘You can say what you like, my mind is made up, I offered you 6 months and you took it. I wish you best in your future end..’ This time it was Freddy butting in

‘Don’t bother saying it, I’ve heard the line before. Just pay me for the 4 weeks I’m owed’ he said through gritted teeth, before adding ‘and my name is Freddy, not fucking Frederick!’ and with that he left the room and left his first job in management.

Freddy Adu leaves Northern Dynamo with a record of 22 played, 13 won, 4 drawn and 5 lost, taking home the League Cup and survival in the process. Elsewhere on the island nation another managerial change was taking place. Cote d’Or manager Bright Brutus had also fallen foul of the chairman of his club and also found himself packing his bags, although his leaving was done of his own accord. In a league as small as the Seychelles league, news about players moving, managers leaving and whatnot travels quickly and it’s no surprise that chairman, scouts and players all seem to know each other.

The same could be said of African football in general really. On the same day Freddy was sacked, the first tycoon takeover of a club in Freddy’s new career path took place. Jeunesse Sportive de Kabylie, or JS Kabylie as the club is more commonly known, of Algeria had announced they’d sacked manager Ali Fergani who at the time had managed to get the team sat atop the league which was a surprise for him. The press release confirming the sacking came shortly after, where the club had confirmed the takeover

Freddy made a mental note to keep an eye on that team as historically the clubs that have the most money do well. But money wouldn’t be something Freddy would have to play with as a manager, not yet at least. He had been in his beach side apartment unemployed for 2 days when the phone rang, and it was someone called Leshole Hall calling.  Freddy didn’t do much talking on the call, only speaking when he was made the offer

‘Equivalent of 250 US dollars, 1 year, and if you leave within that year the club receives 90% compensation. Sound good?’

‘I’ll see you the morning’

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