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It’s a new day, yes it is.

The press release following Freddy’s move to Cote d’Or suggests he struggled at Dynamo, but in Seychelles taking a bottom 2 team and securing survival by 9 points as well as winning the cup must mean you struggled that season, but it didn’t bother him in the slightest. He’d agreed to join his new team with the intention to challenging for the league title, a title Cote d’Or had actually won 4 short seasons ago.

During the first few days at the new club, there were a couple of things abundantly clear. The first was that the players of Cote d’Or were a far cry from the players at Dynamo. These players were all quicker, stronger and ultimately better than his last team. The next thing was this team is filled with pissed off players, very pissed off indeed.

Somewhat ignorantly, Freddy hadn’t researched the teams in The Seychelles when he joined Dynamo, and as it turned out, he learned that day, Cote d’Or have been the favourites for the league title in each of the 3 seasons since they won it, only to be pipped by St Michel every year, with the recent season seeing St Michel win the league by 3 points, the biggest margin in those 3 years. His mission objective, that he has chosen to accept is simple, win the league, by any means.

Winning the league grants passage into the African Champions League, and St Michel have had that Champions League money for 3 years meaning they’ve been able to pay players a wage, whereas the money from Cote d’Or’s solitary season in that competition has gone, well no one actually knows where it went, not even the chairman, or so he says….

As he gathered the players around for his first team meeting as Cote d’Or manager, hands behind his back and a stern but laid back look on his face, Freddy said ‘I can see already the determination in your eyes, and I know it must hurt falling at the last hurdle every season. But this time it’s going to be different. I’m going to train you harder than you’ve ever trained before, you’re going to be better at everything from this moment on. Any questions?’

Silence from his new team. Perfect. My authority is already on show he thought. However in the 3 years since winning the league, Cote d’Or have had 3 managers, and all have failed to win the league again. The players had seen this before, a new man comes in, spouts the same nonsense, they win some they lose some but St Michel lose less than they do. Rinse and repeat.

This time it will be different. This time Freddy Adu is here, and he’s brought Gino Barra, the irritating forward from Dynamo with him, and he’s also signed Alaba Adeniyi who everyone associated with football in The Seychelles agrees is too good for the league there.

Freddy didn’t lose to St Michel in 4 games at Dynamo, and he’s not about to let them win the league for the fourth straight season easily. This season is as much about Freddy coming out of his own shell and showing what he can do with a full pre season under his belt.

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