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Daveincid’s FM 21 Increased Realism Pack

Adding these files to your future FM21 save will see massive changes! I personally recommend the work of Daveincid who makes Football Manager an even better game to play.

The text below is all from Daveincid as he explains all about his FM21 Increase Realism Megapack.

This Megapack improves several values for over 220 Nations in-game to increase realism in Football Manager 2021 to a whole new level!

All files are made with my own created database to ensure consistency in the changes.

Every Update will be explained in a Youtube-Video on my channel October-Update:

Get an insight-view how my files affect “All-Nations-loaded”-Save 7, 12  or 20 years in the future:

If you want more content like: “custom save-games”“Early-Access”, “BETA/ALPHA-Access”“A List of Files I personally use and which is tested for compatibility”  then take a look here:


– Follow @daveincid on Twitter and YouTube to be “up-to-date”

– Delete all previous files of the megapack in your editor-data folder

Ensure that you do not use other mods which may conflict with my megapack like:
Youth Ratings, Market Values, Transfer Preferences, Sponsorship, Finances, Languages, Injuries, League Reputations, Awards, Derbies or Club Data

General: The whole megapack is almost always compatible with all-league files, transfer updates and all kinds of graphic mods.

To save some personal resources I do not answer (except Patreon) questions like: «Is your megapack compatible with X». I receive so many questions which are already answered above. I do test almost all files from other creators where I see a need to include them for more realism. (List on Patreon)

All files are tested for at least 5 years in-game to ensure there aren’t any game-breaking bugs. These Save-Games are available on Patreon too!

I highly recommend using all of the files. Most of them are connected together, so it might not work properly if you only use a few of them.

If you want to know more about how to create a realistic setup before starting your Save, take a look at my Guide here:


















TL;DR? No problem, you can just download the files!

Download FM21 Increase Realism Megapack

This file changes the National Youth Ratings, Game Importance and the State of Development of all Nations.

You will get:

– Fewer Newgens with world-class talent compared to the default

– Better worldwide diversification of talent

– Easier to improve smaller Nations where Football is popular

– It’s harder to sign the best talents worldwide


Salaries are now more oriented towards real data in all Nations. A Player in Ghana no longer earns 500k a year, but maybe 30k. Worldclass Players will now earn more money. Default is too low in this area. Instead of around 20m€/y they now earn up to 35m€/y (Brutto of course).


The market values have been adjusted in such a way that they result in more realistic transfer fees.


The sponsor values were calculated according to various criteria in order to show the existing situation as well as future increases down to a Nations financial power.

Download FM21 Increase Realism Megapack

I have made adjustments to current values for 123 currencies. The biggest impact you will notice is in Venezuela.
This file will replicate the financial situation of all Nations more accurate to their current situation IRL. (01.07.21)

This file lowers the gap slightly between Top-Nations and all the others in Europe. Furthermore, there were adjustments made for South America to avoid unrealistic high reputations in the long-term-saves. (Read more about this in the Club-Reputation-Fix-Description)

This file might be the most controversial one, but I absolutely love it!

IRL it’s not always clear, where the money goes in Football. In Football Manager, all money is distributed in a logical/visible way. The result of this “innocent” FM-World is that Clubs are getting too rich and as a consequence, they pay higher transfer fees and their wage budget will increase extremely unrealistic in some cases.

Every Nation does now have a special Transfer-Tax to represent:

– overall transfer-costs

– unknown receivers of money

– other advantages in transfer negotiations (Houses, Cars, Jobs for Family-Members etc.)

More realistic transfer-flows worldwide based on real transfers ( All Nations now have realistic transfer preferences added. (If there is a preference available IRL)
v2.4 contains smaller improvements including a fix that Neman Grodno can now qualify for international tournaments. (Age-Bug)

There are some Clubs, which have a specific preference for certain nationalities of players which don’t affect all Clubs in its Nation. I’ve researched over as they are only a preference and not a general club philosophy. This file is for Clubs where this preference has been held at a high level for years. 

Currently, this affects 26 Clubs from 16 Nations. For example Shakthar Donetsk (Brazil), FC Nordsjælland (Ghana) or AGS Asteras Tripolis (Argentina and Spain)

I made corrections for 95 Nations for “years to gain nationality”. It was quite difficult to get it right because sources sometimes vary. There are some interesting years included. Might be worth scrolling through the Nations to find out 🙂

This file was made by DaveTheEditor! Thank you for your help:) It adds 24 agreements between Nations. You can find this information in the Nation-tab-overview!

Ticket-Prices are a really tough task because the game generates ticket prices as soon as you set the value too low in the editor, even if the value would be correct for a specific Club. It makes it impossible to set the correct values. The main goal of this fix is to avoid way too high ticket prices.

There is also big chaos as soon as a club get’s relegated or promoted.

In some cases, a second division team has the highest ticket prices after promotion. This is also the case in the default version. It happens less with my files.

Download FM21 Increase Realism Megepack

This file fixes literally all missing and unlogical award-reputations in all Nations and in all international competitions as well according to my own research database. 

This is very important when it comes to a players transfer behaviour, his loyalty, his career path, his market value, the reputation of a Club and much more! 

The best player in a weak League will now be much quicker unhappy if he wins awards and he thinks he is too good for the Club. Convincing these players to stay is much more difficult! On the other side, it’s a chance for a Club to grow their reputation if they are able to keep these players. It’s very tricky but it adds so much more dynamic!

Most important awards created for over 200 Nations worldwide, like:
– Best Player of the Season
– Best Youngster of the Season
– Best XI of the Season
– Best Manager of the Season
– Best Topscorer of the Season

All these awards are of course in line with all existing reputation values to fit perfectly into the whole system!

Fixes continuous Reputation-increase of RB Salzburg:
RB Salzburg is getting year to year a small reputation boost when they get awarded as the best team in Austria. 10 years later they are close to being the biggest Club in the world without much success. This is now fixed with this file.

Balanced Increase of Manager Reputation:
This change should balance the increase of a Manager’s (AI und User) reputation worldwide. So you shouldn’t be poached by a very big Club too soon (in some cases).
Please Note:
A small percentage of new awards won’t show as a text (empty field only). I tried to fix it but no chance at all. But the most important thing is that the reputation works!

This file adds 300+ missing Derbys from Clubs and Nations in over 50 Nations as well as over 1000 reputation adjustments to ensure a logical worldwide behaviour.

There are Derby’s included like:
– Teheran-Derby in Iran between Estheghlal and Persepolis
– “the oldest Russian Derby” between Spartak Moskau and Dynamo Moskau
– “La guerra del futbol” between El Salvador and Honduras
– “Derby of Ghana” between Asante Kotoko and Accra Hears of Oak SC
and soo many more!

This file was re-done from scratch. The goal was to get a better representation of short-/mid-/longterm-injuries as well as some new injuries to bring a bit more of “social interaction” into Football Manager 😉
You will get more injuries, more variety and more frustration 😉 The injuries stats were compared with real data with several simulation tests in FM over 5 years. 

German Version: Die deutsche Version befindet sich in einem Extraordner. Wenn du mit dieser spielen möchtest, dann lösche die englische Version und ersetze sie mit dieser.

This file adds a lot of missing data for almost 700 1st and 2nd-Division-Clubs in 150 Nations worldwide:

– Nicknames of Clubs

– City-Location

– Rivals

– Year founded

– Club Colours

This file adjusts the financial Situation of Clubs according to real-life sources and recent media in general. This is in general impossible to add correctly because transparency isn’t a well know word in Football:

– Finances of Top-Clubs adjusted

– Re-done Hertha BSC to avoid 100m€-Transfers

– Debts added to Clubs like Hamburg, Schalke or Barcelona

– Complete overhaul of China to represent their current situation more accurate

Don’t ask me how much time this file cost me^^


– Added missing Inhabitation-Ranges for over 5500+ Cities

– Added correct Number of Population for 1250+ Local Regions

– Added 500+ Cities to their Local Region

– Added missing Coordinates of over 1800 Cities

– Added missing Altitude-Values for 4200+ Cities

– Added City-Attraction-Values for all Cities worldwide

These changes affect:

– The distribution of place of birth’s for Newgens

– More realistic travel-costs

– Sponsorship-deals

– Contract-Negotiations

– Injuries

and definitely, other stuff too which I haven’t found out yet;)


– Added over 100+ new official languages worldwide

– Increased language difficulty by 30% to avoid players learning a language too easily

– 181 Nations edited

– 1800+ Local Regions edited

– a lot of single Cities edited

This will represent the diversity of Nations Languages much better. Besides adding official languages to Nations there are also Non-Official Languages added to represent People who speak a 2nd or even a 3rd language without having it›s Nationality.

I for myself speak some Spanish, but I have no relation to any Spanish speaking Nation. All Data is from official sources like Wikipedia etc.

German Version: Die deutsche Version befindet sich in einem Extraordner. Wenn du mit dieser spielen möchtest, dann lösche die englische Version und ersetze sie mit dieser.

Download FM21 Increase Realism Megepack

This file contains small reputation adjustments for some Brazilian, Argentinian and Mexican Teams to improve overall balancing to avoid:
– strong increases of Club-Reputation without any reason
– a too strong increase of Sponsorship-Income (Because of Reputation-Increase)
– unrealistic high transfer fees (too much money)

HOW TO INSTALL “Increase-Realism Megapack” in FM21

Place the files in: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021/editor data


If you have any questions which aren’t answered if reading the post carefully, do not hesitate to ask me! If you find any mistakes, please send me a PM!

If you really read the whole text until this point, you have my deepest respect!



Download FM21 Increase Realism Megepack

I would personally like to thank Daveincid for allowing me to share his content. Please do go follow him on Twitter!

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