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Daveincid’s Increased Realism Megapack for FM22

Adding these files to your future FM22 save will see massive changes! I personally recommend the work of Daveincid who makes Football Manager an even better game to play.

The text below is all from Daveincid as he explains all about his FM22 Increase Realism Megapack.

This Megapack improves several values ​​for over 220 Nations in-game to increase realism in Football Manager 2022 to a whole new level! All files are made with my own created database to ensure consistency in the changes.

1. Follow me on Twitter and Youtube to be “up-to-date”

  1. Delete all previous files of my megapack in the editor-data folder.
  2. Ensure that you do not use other mods which may conflict with my megapack like:
    Youth Ratings, Market Values, Transfer Preferences, Sponsorship, Finances,
    Languages, League Reputations, Awards, Derbies Injuries or Club Data
  3. The whole megapack is almost always compatible with all-league files (especially @davie77’s Around the World Megapack), transfer updates and all kinds of graphic mods.
  4. I do not answer questions if my files are working with X or Y. If the general information above isn’t enough for you, there is a list of files I recommend that are tested for compatibility.
  5. If you have questions, or critics or you found a bug, please send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE. Do not spam the comment section with those things, as it might confuse or upset other people. I probably won’t answer every question, please respect that.
  6. Please check first if the question is already answered. I already have limited resources and my answer probably won’t be that friendly if it turns out that you haven’t read the text;)
  7. All discussions about ALPHA/BETA etc must be discussed via PM

General: The whole megapack is almost always compatible with all-league files, transfer updates and all kinds of graphic mods. Find out more in the video below:

This file changes the National Youth Ratings, Game Importance and the State of Development of all Nations. The Development System has changed completely in FM22 compared to FM21! So I had to re-calculate all values. In FM22, we finally get “Lost Wonderkids”! This is just awesome and adds a lot more realism by default already! Update: I have adjusted my calculation basis and re-weighted it. As a result, the youth ratings are changing in some nations. The effect should primarily lead to more realistic average ages in national teams. I have already been able to largely resolve the problem of national teams that are too old. Now I have also adjusted those that were way too young by average.

You will get:
– Better worldwide diversification of talent
– Every nation has been calculated with over 17 criteria such as HDI (Human Development Index), Average attendances, population, financial resources and many more!

This file has massively improved compared to FM21!
Salaries are now more oriented towards real data in all Nations. A Player in Ghana no longer earns 500k a year, but maybe 30k.
Worldclass Players will now earn more money. Default is too low in this area. Instead of around 20m€/y they now earn up to 40m€/y (Bruto of course).

The market values have been adjusted in such a way that they result in more realistic transfer fees.

The sponsor values were calculated according to various criteria in order to show the existing situation as well as future increases down to a Nations’s financial power. They are also calculated to balance the financial situation of club finances in the long term. Clubs usually struggle much more financially IRL than it is in FM. With these adjustments, this should be represented more accurate. Clubs can get rich and they can get into debt. but they need constantly be careful how they spend their money.

With the latest update, there is much more dynamic within the FM World. Smaller Clubs can rise and bigger Clubs can fall. 

Update: I’ve made significant changes regarding the current real-world situation. Furthermore, I’ve improved the market values in smaller Nations.

Those changes are big…I am really excited about this one! There are Leagues that are known as «Development»-Leagues. The whole league in general buys young players and sells them to bigger ones. With «Club Transfer Preferences» this can be partly added to a specific Club but the effect might disappear once a new Chairman takes over. Now…I researched all Nations on and analyzed the average age of signings over the last 5 years for all Top-Division Clubs. If the average age is below 24, it’s added as a national preference. It works like a charm! This will now not only represent the transfer flow in terms of nationality more accurate, but it’s now also by age! Update: I’ve made significant changes regarding the current real-world situation.

The following Nations are affected:
– Denmark
– Slovakia
– Latvia
– Austria
– Ireland
– Estonia
– Albania
– Belgium
– Switzerland
– Croatia
– Slovenia
– Kirgystan
– Ghana
– Venezuela
– Canada

There are some Clubs, which have a specific preference for the nationality of players which doesn’t affect all Clubs in their Nation. I’ve researched over as they are only a preference and not a general club philosophy.

This file is for Clubs where this preference has been held at a high level for years. Within the January-Update, this has been massively expanded. Now it contains 58 (29 before) Clubs from 38 (18 before) Nations. The changes include whether specific Nations or age preferences (or both).

There are some missing taxes in Austria and Germany which are leading to a too good financial development of the Clubs.

I made corrections for 95 Nations for “years to gain nationality”. It was quite difficult to get it right because sources sometimes vary and you can’t add “received citizenship through good relations with local politicians”. There are some interesting years included. Might be worth scrolling through the Nations to find out.

This file fixes literally all missing and unlogical award reputations in all Nations and in all international competitions as well according to my own research database.

This is very important when it comes to a player’s transfer behaviour, his loyalty, his career path, his market value, the reputation of a Club and much more!
The best player in a weak League will now be much quicker unhappy if he wins awards and he thinks he is too good for the Club. Convincing these players to stay is much more difficult! On the other side, it’s a chance for a Club to grow their reputation if they are able to keep these players. It’s very tricky but it adds so much more dynamic!

Update: Further improvements in connection with the „alternative youth ratings“ to create a more realistic age structure in clubs and national teams.

Most important awards were created for over 200 Nations worldwide, like:

  • Best Player of the Season
  • Best Youngster of the Season
  • Best XI of the Season
  • Best Manager of the Season
  • Best Topscorer of the Season

All these awards are of course in line with all existing reputation values to fit perfectly into the whole system!

Please Note:
The league needs to be set as playable to see the awards! I highly recommend loading at least 1 Nation per continent, otherwise, the continental awards will not work!

This file adds 300+ missing Derbys from Clubs and Nations in over 50 Nations as well as over 1000 reputation adjustments to ensure a logical worldwide behaviour.

There are Derby’s included like:
– “The Volga Derby” between Rubin Kazan and Krylia Sowjetow
– “La guerra del futbol” between El Salvador and Honduras
– “Derby of Ghana” between Asante Kotoko and Accra Hearts of Oak SC
and soo many more!

This file has been further improved and adds a lot of missing data for over 1500 1st and 2nd-Division-Clubs in 150 Nations worldwide:

– Nicknames of Clubs
– City-Location
– Correct Stadium set
– 89 new Stadiums created
– Rivals added
– Year founded
– Club Colours

This file now plays a crucial part for the «Sponsorship» part of my «Salaries, Values and Sponsors»-File. This is big, really big!

In the editor, Sponsorship-deals of most clubs have ticked the option «renew income». This can be compared to an arcade-racing game in the past when you should lead 2 rounds ahead but suddenly the 2nd placed driver appears in your back mirror. In other words, no matter how bad a club performs, sponsorship deals will be always similar to the one set in the editor. This keeps big teams big for like forever. I have now deleted those «renew income» worldwide for all 1st and 2nd-Division-Teams. The result is a higher level of dynamic in the long-term-saves.

Update: Further improvements

Don’t ask me how much time this file cost me^^ Update: Further improvements


– Added missing Inhabitation-Ranges for over 5500+ Cities
– Added correct Number of Population for 1250+ Local Regions
– Added 500+ Cities to their Local Region
– Added missing Coordinates of over 1800 Cities
– Added missing Altitude-Values for 4200+ Cities
– Added City-Attraction-Values for all Cities worldwide

These changes affect:

– The distribution of places of birth’s for Newgens
– More realistic travel-costs
– Sponsorship-deals
– Contract-Negotiations
– Injuries

and definitely, other stuff too which I haven’t found out yet;)


– Added over 100+ new official languages worldwide
– Increased language difficulty by 30% to avoid, players learning a language too easily
– 181 Nations edited
– 1800+ Local Regions edited
– a lot of single Cities edited

This will represent the diversity of Nations languages much better. Besides adding official languages to Nations there are also Non-Official Languages added to represent People who speak a 2nd or even a 3rd language without having its Nationality.

I for myself speak some Spanish, but I have no relation to any Spanish speaking Nation.
All data is from official sources like Wikipedia etc.

Please Note:
It could be that some data are already in-game by default compared to FM21. In this case, those data will be overwritten, as it would be nonsense to check them all one by one. This isn’t a problem at all :).

This file by DaveThe Editor is now again included. It adds 24 agreements between Nations. You can find this information in the Nation tab overview!

This file lowers the gap slightly between the Top Nations and all the others in Europe. It also boosts Top-Nations outside of Europe slightly and should improve the balance in long-term-saves. Update: I have re-calculated all youth leagues so that their importance and thus the reputation gain is shown more realistically. Update: Further improvements

I have adjusted Ticket-Prices in Nations, where they are getting calculated wrongly, which often leads to way too rich teams in certain Nations. This mainly affects South America (Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela etc) but also other Nations like Iran, Iraq. It’s still not possible to add the correct prices but at least it’s much more realistic right now and prevents Clubs or whole Nations to be a financial powerhouse for no reason. Update: Further improvements.

Most currencies now correspond to the status of 1.1.22 (where data is available, otherwise the next possible) Update: small fix

The injury file was “reactivated” and was primarily intended to lower the high CA of older players and to boost rotation, which in turn benefits the young players in terms of both their CA and reputation. There is an extra file available in german. Don’t use both at the same time.


Every club in the database has received an X increase from the existing values (Youth Facilities, Training Facilities, Youth Importance and Youth Coaching). Nothing has changed in the difference between the clubs. This is extremely important to improve the overall balance. Update: Further improvements


Minor adjustments to improve club behaviour in general. Update: Further improvements


This file increases all managers’ “Youth Training“ attribute by 2. It’s a new approach to encourage managers to bet more on young players and lower the too high average age of clubs in general. Whether it fulfils this function is not clear with the mass of changes. It doesn’t do any harm and if it only has a positive influence of 1%, then I’m happy.


I racked my brain for a long time about this file, whether I should create it or not. It works great, but not everyone will enjoy it (especially the romantics who want their beloved player rocks the league until he’s 40)

I finally decided to do it because I got good arguments from some FM researchers too:
1. Older player’s physical stats are in some cases not adjusted every year
2. The current ability (CA) of older players is in some cases not adjusted every year
3. Neither is the ability to get injured but players are more likely to be when they are getting older

My adjustments:
All players in the DB have reduced the following attributes by 1-2:
– natural fitness
Older players:
– natural fitness
– Injury-prone value +2

The overall impact is marginal, Mo Salah still won the Ballon d’Or in a test save aged 37. However, it has a positive impact on the whole database and this is all I care about.


This file should better represent the current state of mind in the clubs.

Most clubs were very good edited, but some were too good and some too bad. Above all, media reports and the current table in the largest Nations were included. As the new Manchester United manager, your first dressing room speech will probably be rather sobering 😛

I hope that this will make the league table more realistic, especially in the first year!


This file was made due to a complaint of a user that Jürgen Klopp “always” signs for Man City after Liverpool. This won’t happen anymore! I do see a lot of potential in further improving this file once SI made its final update and I know what I can work with for the next half year.


It looks like the national team’s reputation has a bigger influence in terms of league reputation than I thought. It confuses me because down to my logic, it should be the other way around^^ Anyways for the overall balance, I’ve lowered all National Team Reputations by 5%.
This helps for a less strong increase in League Reputations and (not 100% sure yet) encourages the AI to nominate younger players into the National Team.


I have created a new file where all national teams have their real average attendance. Unfortunately, Football Manager does not implement this 1:1 and the number of in-game attendances is often much higher than it should be. I have already adjusted these in the first step. Further reductions may be needed. However, it already brings that little extra realism with it, and that’s what it’s all about.


I’ve created a small file where I’ve adjusted some player salaries. Those affect players who still had their old salaries before they signed for a lower league team, which has a massive negative impact on club finances.


I’ve created a new league file for China. It’s almost identical to the default one and only contains small adjustments for league rules. The default game leads to way too low transfers (not even €1 million for foreigners) despite the clubs having a ton of money. Now it works way better. This seems to have changed with 22.4., as I haven’t seen that one before.

HOW TO INSTALL “Increase-Realism Megapack” in FM22

Place the files in: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022/editor data


Add more countries to your Football Manager game with the Around the World Megapack by Dave The Editor!


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