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Weiry’s Complete Georgia Pyramid

For years, Seattle Red has frolicked through the mountains of poetry in his Fourth Glass, Duruji Subsequent ThreadSave and Straight Outta Sagarejo saves, all thanks to Weiry’s brilliant Georgian league files.

Now, we are proud to make Weiry’s FM22 Georgia file available for download.

This file fully activates the Georgian football league pyramid, from the Crystalbet Erovnuli Liga down to the Regional Leagues, for FM 2022. Specifically, the leagues included are the: (1) Erovnuli Liga; (2) Erovnuli Liga 2; (3) Liga 3; (4) Liga 4 (Red, White); and (5) Regional Leagues (Eastern & Western Zones).

The Davit Kipiani Cup and Georgian Super Cup are also included, for the complete Georgian footballing experience.

To get started, download the file (Google Drive), place it in your “editor data” folder, and start a new save.

For extra immersion: add the FtCS Georgia Graphics Pack, which Seattle Red built to match Weiry’s FM22 database, and contains 2D/3D kits and stadiums for more than 40 clubs, including every club in the top three tiers. (direct download; details found here).

Note: the Liga 4 structure is a straight league system in this file (2 groups of 10), instead of the real-life two-stage competition, due to a bug that kept cropping up during testing. Otherwise, this league structure is correct for the 2021 season.

While Seattle Red contributed certain cosmetic edits to the file and tested the file extensively, full credit goes to Weiry. If you notice any errors or bugs with the database please let us know, and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Finally, for more files from Weiry, head on over to the SI Forums or his Steam workshop.

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