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FtCS Georgia Graphics Pack: Because Style Is Everything

Having spent years playing in Georgia during his Fourth Glass, Duruji Subsequent ThreadSave and Straight Outta Sagarejo saves, Seattle Red loves nothing more than to find some saucy kits for his clubs to wear, to replace the default kits in-game.

However, the cupboard has been bare in-game with respect to in-game graphics for Georgian clubs, especially when you drop down the tiers.

Problem? Not any longer.

For FM 22, Seattle Red is proud to release a graphics pack covering the top 3 Georgian tiers in-game, the Georgian national team, and a handful of smaller clubs which have featured in his saves.

Kits? We’ve got ’em. In both 2d and 3d.

Stadiums? You bet we’ve got ’em.


More than just a kitpack, this includes a complete set of 2d and matching 3d kits for more than 50 Georgian clubs and the Crusaders, as well as the requisite configuration files (courtesy of @Nymain‘s kitbasher program: link).

Style has never been this easy.

Seattle Red begs to differ.

Stadium Pack.

There is nothing quite like a good stadium pack to immerse yourself in a save — doubly-so when you’re playing in a unique setting, such as Georgia, where there are countless stadiums which — quite simply — do not lack for character.

Many of the pictures included in this pack were taken by SI’s Head Researcher for the former Soviet Bloc states, and can be found on his brilliant Georgia Groundhopping site.

These packs are (obviously) savegame compatible, and are built to match Weiry‘s 5-tier Georgian pyramid for FM 22 (Direct Download; additional details here) to augment the default database.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the FtCS Georgia Graphics Pack (ver. 1.3) (Google Drive);
  2. Extract the Georgia Graphics folder to ‘Documents/Sport Interactive/Football Manager 202X/graphics/’ (If there is no graphics folder there, create “graphics”);
  3. In Football Manager, open up the Preferences/Interface menu, untick “Use caching to decrease page loading times” and tick “Reload skin when confirming changes,” then click “Reload Skin.”

Note: If you are starting a new game, extract the “FtCS Georgia Kitpack Colors” file to your editor data folder, and tick its box when setting up your database. This will create 3rd kits for clubs where needed, and ensure that the kit colors line up with the kitpack.

Please note: If you do not use the new editor file, you will need to use the in-game editor to: (1) create third kits, when they do not exist in the database; and (2) match the in-game color scheme to what is found in the kitpack.

In addition: You may need to tweak/adjust the config files to match club and stadium IDs. Again, these files are based on Weiry’s FM22 editor file, as they load on my system — they might not match your particular in-game configuration. This should not be a significant problem, but might be noticed with certain clubs and stadiums if you are using multiple editor files.

Be sure to drop any questions, suggestions or errors into the comments!

  • Version 1.0: Initial kitpack, for more than 30 clubs and the Georgian national team.
  • Version 1.1: Updated kits for certain clubs. Initial stadium pack for all clubs in the top 3 tiers (as structured in 2020), the national team and other iconic venues.
  • Version 1.2a (Nov. 13, 2021): Updated and added various kits (44 total teams (inclusive of the Georgian national team and several reserve sides). Added additional stadiums (45 total). Adjusted config files to match Weiry’s forthcoming FM22 Georgia file. Kitpack Colors editor file added.
  • Version 1.3 (Dec. 10, 2021): Added and updated all kits (more than 50 teams, inclusive of the Georgian national team and certain reserve sides). Added additional stadiums (88 total), inclusive of certain stadiums that are “new” to the official database and will be in future releases.

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