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It Puts The Lotion On Its Skin, Or It Gets The Hose Again – Reduced Injuries File

If you’re anything like Seattle Red, you find that the rate of injuries in-game can be an impediment to enjoying the game (even if injuries accrue at approximately 80 percent of what is seen in real life).

At the same time, you aren’t willing to use the editor to “wipe away” injuries or otherwise give yourself an advantage over the AI.

One solution? Use an editor file which reduces injuries by 50%, across the board, meaning that: (1) injuries will still occur, but a reduced rate; and (2) the benefit accrues to all teams and players, not just your own.

Fewer injuries. More fun. It’s just that simple.

  • Download the FM 22 Reduced Injuries file (Google Drive);
  • Move the file to your editor folder (e.g., Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\editor data\);
  • Run Football Manager and start a new career;
  • Click on the database (top right), to make sure the FtCS Reduced Injuries file is ticked;
  • Pick your manager, nations and club, and start your save.

Still playing FM 21? The FM 21 version of the Reduced Injuries file is available here: I Think I Broke My Everything (direct download).

Playing an older version of Football Manager? Drop a comment in the links below, and we’ll prepare a file for you.

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