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Write for FtCS

Got a story to tell? A hipster tactic that’d make Pep horny? A fetish for youth-only saves with obscure clubs in remote corners of the globe?

Then we’re your people.

We’re always looking for new writers who share our passion for detailed, immersive FM saves, especially those with a strong narrative component.

Does that mean that you have to commit to a long-term series of detailed career updates? No.

What is FtCS looking for?

Well, that’s a dangerous question, isn’t it?

Think about it this way… If your interest is in developing FM tactics, write about that. If you are passionate about youth development, write about that.

If you have a story to tell about your in-game rivalry with that **** Bobby Manc, who keeps following you around Europe, winning trophies with sides that you built, write about that. Please. The more Bobby Mankini fanfic we have, the better. I cannot stress that enough.

Maybe you are traveling to see your all-conquering, fifth division FM side, in person? Maybe you have a burning desire to write about fan culture in turn-of-the-century Sheffield? Write about that. And maybe see your urologist about the latter.

The point being, if you are writing about something you love, we’ll probably love reading it.

What next?

Email us your submission or concept. (We prefer Google documents, for ease of commenting/revisions.)

If there is a potential “fit” with what we’re trying to do here at FtCS, we will work with you to revise, organize and finalize your submission for publication. (We can streamline this process if you are submitting posts for an ongoing series.)

Once the post is ready, we’ll schedule it for publication.

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